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Paulina Gretzky: 15 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Let’s just begin this article under the assumption that Paulina Gretzky has the x-factor because she does. But what is the x-factor? I’m glad you asked because I myself have no clue. But the x-factor is more of a gut thing anyway, and I think that all of our guts agree that Paulina Gretzky has it.

First, up until her husband, Dustin Johnson, skyrocketed to the top of the PGA rankings, he was known as ‘Paulina Gretzky’s husband.’ She was more famous than he was, and he’s the professional athlete. The fact that she’s the daughter of the greatest hockey player of all-time certainly helps, but believe me this, Paulina Gretzky would have made her way into the hearts and minds of the American public on her own merit. So even though DJ is Mr. Big Shot Golfer these days, Paulina is still wearing the pants in the relationship, and it’s not hard to see why.

And I haven’t even mentioned that fact that Paulina, at only 28-years-old, is probably the hottest MILF in the world.

So while Dustin Johson, the alleged #1 golfer in the world, is missing out on the biggest tournament in the sport because he hasn’t mastered staircases (or was wasted), let’s admire his wife, the daughter of The Great One, for consistently being one of the badest chicks on the planet.

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