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Mia Khalifa: 30 Must-See Pictures On The Internet

Ever since Mia Khalifa backed away from the porn industry, she has really stepped up her game on social media. Besides her mountain of followers on Twitter and Instagram, Mia has created quite a following on the live streaming video platform site known as Twitch.

On her first night with Twitch, Ms. Khalifa raked up roughly half a million views. Similarly, her six hour live stream received about 600,000 hits.

Her Twitch account is MiaKhalifa1 and she primarily records herself cooking or playing video games. She’s played a lot of 2K basketball and hockey games on her stream. But Mia is just trying out new games as she goes along. She’s never played any 2k games before her stream. Ms. Khalifa was more of a World of Warcraft girl in high school and college.

Mia told Rolling Stone that, “I had never played 2K and this was an excuse for me to spend $60 on a video game that I had never played. I decided to stream that, but I want to play some Overwatch, too. I’m also playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III with this one streamer, and I played World of Warcraft in college and high school, so I’m going to stream that.”

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Besides video games, Mia likes to do a lot of cooking on her live streaming channel. She attributes her cooking skills to when she was a little girl watching her mother cook in the kitchen.

She said, “Cooking is definitely one of my biggest passions. I’ve always been in the kitchen since I was little. My mom cooked liked three meals a day, so she taught me everything I know about cooking. I’ve done it a lot on my Instagram story, like recipe tutorials, and my Snapchat. Jeff was actually the one who suggested, “Why don’t you do it on Twitch? It won’t disappear after 24 hours!”