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Madison Iseman: 13 Must-See Pictures On Instagram

Madison Iseman, a 20 year old actress from Myrtle Beach South Carolina is one of the hottest names in acting. She moved to Los Angeles when she was just 14 years old to further pursue her acting career. Madison is born on Valentines day (February 14th) which is extremely fitting because every directer/producer she’s ever been in front of has fallen in love with her instantly!


Madison has done work in TV series, Movies and even some music videos! She started her career in 2013 when she played Charity in the Film Second Chances. Interesting how she go her first chance in a movie named after 2nd chances. But Madison never needed a second chance as she appeared in 2 more short films that very same year. Madison really started to make her way up when she got a guest spot on the hit show Modern Family. She’s set to appear in upcoming films such as Wild For The Night, I Know Where Lizzie Is, and The Social Experiment. She leaked during a recent interview that she was working on a Lifetime Movie but would not release anymore details regarding that.

Her most recent role is probably her biggest thus far. She plays a lead role in the CMT original series Still the King. The show is about a washed up country singer, Burnin Vernon, who becomes one of the best Elvis impersonators in the entire world. While doing community service he finds out he has a daughter as a product of a one night stand. Madison plays Charlotte, the daughter of Burnin Vernon, who is played by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Madison Iseman has been taking over the spotlight or years with all of the acting and modeling she does. She has over 209 thousand followers on instagram! and she has earned every single one of them. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this rising star!