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Kylie Jenner Took A Vacation From Being Hot In America To Be Hotter In Costa Rica

Kylie Jenner continues on a roll unlike any other I’ve ever seen. The biological blow-up doll that is Kylie Jenner went on a vacation to Costa Rica this weekend with the entire Kardashian clan and took to Instagram to make sure everyone knows about it – and that’s just fine with me.

Despite all this, I’m still so damn torn on Kylie. So torn. Like I know she’s quite literally 50% plastic, 50% air. And I know that in about a decade or so she’s going to be neither famous nor attractive. Butttttttt am I going to sit here and say that I’m not going to watch her eventual sex tape once, maybe even twice a day? F*ck no! Of course I’m going to watch that. The Kardashian Empire has been subconsciously teasing it to us for three years now, always showing us just enough of Kylie, but never the whole thing.

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