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25 Black Sclera Contacts Halloween Makeup Looks

Have you ever wanted to walk into a costume party, and have the outfit that just stands out? Most people like Halloween, and love the thought of being able to dress up to become someone else for the evening. Some people like to wear something cute like a furry animal, and other people like to find the scariest thing that they can wear. For someone who wants to be a little edgier, something to consider is wearing Black Sclera Contacts to go with your outfit. They are perfect for a vampire outfit, or some other form of Gothic creature. It will create the dramatic effect that you are looking for.

The reason that the Black Sclera Contacts can create such a dramatic look is because it covers over every part of the eye, turning it all black. On a normal eye, you are able to see the whites, the pupil, and the iris. When these contacts are on, all you can see is black with just a small amount of white or pink in the corners of the eye. These kind of lenses also come in white with the same kind of “full eye” effect; the entire eye being covered.

When you walk into a party, most people will try to figure out who a person really is under the outfit. If you have a costume that is from head to toe, it is hard to tell, unless you are able to look into the person’s eyes. This is another reason this is a good idea. You can fool almost anyone when they are not even able to see your eyes. Not to mention the fact that it probably will startle almost every person when they look you directly in the eyes, thinking they will see a normal looking eye.

The best Black Sclera Contacts can be cared for just like any other normal contact lenses, so they can be used over and over again. For anyone who just wants to do something different with their costume for a big party, this is one great way to change things up a bit.

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