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People share their scariest experiences – from creepy men in wardrobes to ‘occult murders’

Some of these are very rude

Let’s unsettle ourselves for a while – by reading about people’s scariest experiences.

A Reddit thread posted by user RXRXG2799 asked others to share the times they’ve been most frightened, the most harrowing of occasions.

“Redditors, what’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever experienced?” they were asked.

A lot of people got involved. Some of the stories are probably entirely fabricated, while others seem quite plausible, and are a little chilling, actually. Some are just about drugs. Or simply weird. Here are some of the standout examples…

Sweetragnarok wrote:

“I have a creepy hoarder neighbour who looks like the witch from the movie Brave or Snow White’s step mom in old lady form, hunchback and all with the toothy grin. She is also very odd and sneaky.

“One time as I got out of my car park in our shared driveway – there was only a line divider on the pavement. As I turned she was literally inches from my face offering me vegetables she had for sale. I nearly punched her as part of my reflex but ended up screaming back she scared the bejesus out of me.

“Politely declined as she ‘urged’ me to take her veggies (that were almost rotting btw) and retreated to the safety of my house.”

Blue-eyed-lightning commented:

Hearing about occult murders at school isn’t particularly amicable (Photo: Getty)


“My junior year government teacher told us a story about when he was in high school (he showed us news paper articles that backed up his story). His friend’s parents’ got killed as part of some weird ritualistic occult murder.

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“Him and his friend where both at a football game when this happened. If his friend had been home he likely would have died a painful death.”

drfunbags shared:

Knives aren’t very nice (Photo: Getty)


“I’ve told this story before, but my best friend was staying the night at my house. We had this wonderful idea that we needed to walk to the 7-11 a couple blocks away from my house around midnight for junk food, in our pajamas. No cares in the world I’m strolling along when she grabs me and attempts to hold me back. I keep walking and she tugs on my arm, saying nothing.

“I asked her what she was doing, and she just pointed ahead. Bout a hundred or so yards ahead, was a guy walking (who thankfully somehow didn’t turn around) with a HUGE knife in his hand. We quietly turned around and ran through the neighborhood back to my place and called the cops.

“He was on his way to stab his girlfriend.”

Mig94 wrote:

Nobody wants a spider in their bedroom (Photo: Getty)

“Alright, here’s a pretty common one you can all probably relate to.

“I’m laying in bed. lights off, and I just can’t get comfortable. I just cannot sleep. I remake the bed, fluff the pillows, nothing. This goes on for about 20 minutes.

“I put the light on, sit up, and the biggest mother f****** spider I’ve ever seen is just chilling on my wall.

Nope. Smacked him twice with a shoe. Mangled a few legs, he falls off the wall to the floor… hit him a third time (on carpet) and lift up, but he’s not dead. The little f***** takes off and scarpers away before I can finish him off. God damn that f***** was big and left a lot of blood. It was more like trying to kill a mouse than a spider.”

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Another Redditor said:

Ghosts aren’t so good (Photo: Getty)

“My uncle died and I inherited his car. It was this blue olds and it ran pretty well so I was really happy to get it. At the time I went to college three hours from my home town so on weekends I would drive home and then drive back late Sunday night to make class in the morning.

“One night I’m driving home and a car approaches behind me with their brights on. I look in the rear view mirror to see if they are trying to pass and I see someone sitting in my back seat. I didn’t turn my head and I kept driving, panicking the entire time.

“When I get to the next town about 15 minutes later, I pull into the first brightly lit gas station I see and pretend to be getting gas to see who is in my back seat and get help if necessary. But when I look back there, I don’t see anyone. I looked under the car, in the trunk, on the floor, nothing. I know I saw someone back there. I continued to see them all the way to the gas station. But they disappeared.

“Fast forward a couple weeks, my roommate comes running in my room, asking who the guy in my car is. It’s broad daylight and apparently he’s back. I run out to see who it is, gone again. After a couple more weeks it stopped. Our best guess is that it’s my uncle but we don’t really know.”

Finally, mysevenyearitch recalled (this one is quite rude):

Everything was fine until he spotted a man masturbating in a wardrobe (Photo: Getty)

“I got picked up by a gorgeous girl in a club. A very strange occurrence but I didn’t question it because she was gorgeous. She took me back to her place and we start having sex. We’re doing it doggy and I hear a male voice call out ‘spank her’. I look around and there was a guy in the closet masturbating, watching us.

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“In retrospect I should have stayed and finished but I got creeped out, got my clothes and ram out of the place, boner and all.”