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On Sports Bras And Why You Should Have Them

Sports bras, as the name implies, are bras worn by females when participating in a sporting activity. These bras limit breast movement thereby making exercise less painful and making the usually jerky movements that come with exercising easier to do. However, they are not only worn during sports. Quite a large number of women wear sports bras on normal days because it is extremely comfortable and a lot firmer, making it an excellent alternative of the bra. It is usually made with soft clothing materials such as cotton and wool.

There are two major types of sports bras. Those that mould and those that flatten the breasts. The sports bras which mould the female breasts are said to be more comfortable than the flattening counterpart. As previously stated, you can wear sports bras whether you’re working out, participating in sports or not. It all boils down to whether or not you want to. If you’re still indecisive about sports bras, perhaps you think you will not find one in your size or you will not get one in a flattering shape. Clear away your doubts, these are easily solved.

Sports bras come in several shapes and sizes. There are several minor types of sports bras. Some of which are;

  1.  The Yoga bra has been optimized for yoga exercises. It is extremely comfortable. It is double layered and made with sweat-wicking fabric, a fabric that sucks the sweat and transfers it to the outer layer so that it dries off quicker. This will leave you feeling refreshed and clean. Yoga exercises do not involve jerky movements so this sports bra and most yoga sports bra are not extremely tight. This particular yoga bra can also be used for pilates. yoga bra


  1. The fancy sports bra is just like any other sports bra in terms of functionality. Some women do not like sports bras because they are usually drab and without any unnecessary accessories. The fancy sports bra is functional and trendy. This particular fancy sports bra is perfect for yoga and pilates. Looking good while working a sweat.Sports bra


  1. The exercise sports bra is made for cardio, running, gym exercises. It is a moulding bra that minimizes breast movement while it is worn. This particular exercise sports bra is the perfect choice for high impact exercises because it is not only comfortable but also made with sweat-wicking fabric.Sports Bra

There are several other varieties of sports bras and you can find some on Jilla Active. Jilla Active is a sportswear company that provides good and quality clothes for sporting activities. In the case of the sports bra, there are fancy bras such as the Deep Crescent Crossover Bra which is a low impact bra with a cute design or the Strong Rhythm Bra which starts off serious and ends with a playful design at the back. Sports bras are great alternatives of the wired bras. If you’re all about comfort and functionality, the sports bra is definitely for you.


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