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Nicki Minaj shares topless photos as she wishes fans a happy Easter

It is a day that traditionally starts with a trip to church.

But it is safe to say Nicki Minaj would not have passed muster at Sunday service as she showed off her naked chest while wishing her fans a happy Easter.

The racy rapper took great delight in flaunting her wares on social media as she prepared to take part in a saucy video shoot.

Easter honey: Nicki Minaj wished her fans a happy feast day by posing a topless snap on Instagram on Sunday

The 34-year-old captioned a shot where she is cupping her generously-sized assets: ‘Happy Easter. We shootin! Awww made ya look.’

And in another the Anaconda favourite can be seen holding her mobile phone while shamelessly taking a snap of herself in front of a mirror.

No doubt her small army of followers were thrilled with the risque photographs, which she took in a changing room as she prepared to appear in yet another of her trademark racy music videos.

Indeed this was demonstrable, as within three hours they had around half a million likes.  

But while some may think she strayed over the line of good taste by sharing semi naked photos on a religious holiday, Nicki would no doubt be keen to point out how chaste she is on social media.

Last Wednesday she posted a snap of herself in a a see-through top, but claimed to have obscured certain parts of her anatomy before posting to Instagram.

She captioned the snap, taken inside the Beverly Hills Hotel: ‘Don’t bother zooming in. We blurred them out’.

To add even more excitement to the already heady mix, she insisted on naming the brands she was wearing which included a Givenchy coat, Fendi shoes, and the highlight of her look, a sheer H&M top.

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