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Video: Muslim teenager bombarded with death threats and abuse after she was filmed twerking in hijab

A girl, claiming to be the one in the video, later issued an apology on YouTube saying she didn’t mean to offend anyone

A Muslim teenager has received sickening death threats after being filmed twerking with a masked man in the middle of a busy city centre.

The girl, who is thought to be 17, was filmed dancing in the street as passers-by gathered around.

Filmed in Birmingham city centre, the clip was posted to Facebook , where users told her she should be “killed”.

One social media user branded her a “f****** s***” and another wrote “stupid b**** needs to be killed”.

An anonymous girl, claiming to be the teen in the footage, later made a video apology on YouTube, apologising for anyone she had offended.

She explained she had been shopping with friends when the came across a man playing music.

The girl began dancing and was filmed thrusting her bottom towards and forwards – commonly known as a twerking move.

The girl was filmed dancing with a friend before a man joined in (Photo: Facebook/GoBrum)

Seemingly enjoying the public’s attention, the girl smiled, clapped and sang along to the R&B track.

A friend of the girl makes way for the street performer to join in with her dancing and the pair begin gyrating with one another.

She was then subjected to a torrent of abuse when the clip was posted on social media.

One user wrote: “Truly disgusting. Some people don’t understand the meaning of the veil.@

Another wrote: “That’s so disrespectful. You are representing Islam.”

The girl seemed to enjoying herself as she danced and sang to the music (Photo: Facebook/GoBrum)

But others came to her defence, saying “people shouldn’t be judgemental”.

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Muslim YouTuber Ali Dawah later posted a video about the controversy, that included an unseen female claiming to be the dancer speaking about what had happened.

She said mental health problems mean she sometimes “doesn’t think straight”.

She said: “To all the girls that wear hijab and wear abayah, I’m sorry for disrespecting it. I’ve learnt from my mistake.”

The girl said she also suffered with depression and had only been practicing the religion for a short while.

She added: “It’s gone viral and I’m hurt. I want everybody to leave it alone and keep everything away.

“I don’t want it to be how it was and I am not going to do anything like that again.”