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Video: Female naked chef goes viral

The REAL naked chef! Amateur cook becomes an online sensation as a racy video of her whipping up a d

Move over Jamie Oliver, there’s a new naked chef in town.

Cooking in the nude has been taken to new heights by American YouTuber Stephanie Dail – otherwise known as ‘Sexy Chef Steph’.

It may not be especially safe – or frankly, sanitary – but Steph’s video features her preparing an Asian chicken dish, wearing nothing more than an apron. And it’s already clocked up 4.1 million views on YouTube.

The ‘naked chef’ concept is taken to the next level. Source: YouTube

That’s right, just an apron. Source: YouTube

Her humble kitchen may lack the expansive granite bench tops and gleaming appliances of your typical on-screen chef, but Stephanie knows her biggest drawcard has less to do with aspirational values and more to do with the fact that she’s only wearing an apron.

Seriously how can that be hygienic?? Source: YouTube

Honestly, her cooking abilities seem pretty basic as well.

Sautéeing mushrooms and zucchini. How novel. Source: YouTube

But hey, she’s obviously enjoying herself, and who are we to judge our fellow humans on their kitchen habits?

That’s a dance of pride right there. Source: YouTube
You do you, naked chef. Source: YouTube
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