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Unsuspecting couples caught romping on CCTV in dingy passage behind Sunderland nightclub become viral hit

Clips involving five couples and one THREESOME havebeen viewed over a million times on Pornhub

CCTV footage of unsuspecting clubbers romping in a dingy alley has been posted on the world’s biggest porn site.

The clips, including five couples and a threesome, have become a viral hit.

Couples in Sunderland have been caught romping on CCTV

They were filmed by a security camera behind The Point nightclub in Sunderland and shared on adult website PornHub.

The site racked up 92billion views from an audience of 64million daily visitors last year.

The videos have had 1.5million hits. Comments include: “Up against the wall . . .  hot as f***!” The clubbers were filmed in a bin-filled alley between the club and an amusement arcade.

Footage is thought to have been captured over a single weekend in a alleyway behind the Point nightclub

A reveller said: “These couples clearly don’t have any issues with a quickie in public — but I don’t think any of them expected to ever become sex stars with the public.

Videos of five couples and a threesome have been posted to Pornhub website

“There is little left to the imagination. Alcohol clearly affects some of the lads’ performances so professional porn stars won’t have much to worry about in the way of stiff competition.

Videos have got 1.5 million hits on the world’s biggest porn website

“While most people would be happy with a kebab and a taxi home, they’ve opted to get a leg up against a wheelie bin. The alleyway is a well-known shagging hotspot and it’s somewhere a lot of people want to tick off their list.

It’s not clear who owns the CCTV footage and how it got online

“And now they’ve done it they’re being ogled all around the world.”
The footage appears to have mainly been filmed during one weekend in November 2001 but only appeared online in 2015.

It is not clear who owns the security camera, installed to combat anti-social behaviour.

Users of Pornhub comment ‘Up against the wall . . .  hot as f***!’

The North East Chamber of Commerce previously urged anyone fancying a public romp to “control their passions and use common sense”.

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Last month we told how Daniella Hirst, 28, and Craig Smith, 31, of Bridlington, East Yorks, were caught on CCTV enjoying a quickie in a Domino’s pizza takeaway.

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