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Thug caged for slicing ex-girlfriend’s face from mouth to ear after saying he would “go to jail for he

Siobhan Stevenson needed 40 stitches and was left scarred for life after Matthew Grady attacked her, declaring: “I’m 
slitting your throat”.

A thug who brutally slashed his ex-lover’s face open after saying he would “go to jail for her” has been caged for 10 years.

Matthew Grady, 31, attacked terrified Siobhan Stevenson – slicing her from her mouth to her ear – after she dumped him weeks earlier.

The 23-year-old frantically wrapped a towel around the wound, which needed 40 stitches, but has been left with a deep scar from mouth to her ear.

The court heard that a young girl who saw the horrific wound told Siobhan “she would try and kiss it better”.

Grady forced Siobhan to relive her ordeal at the High Court in Glasgow after insisting he had not tried to kill her in January this year, the Daily Record reports.

Siobhan Stevenson with her scar still visible at the High Court in Glasgow (Image: Spindrift Photo Agency)

Siobhan Stevenson needed 40 stitches after the attack (Image: Internet Unknown)

But a jury found him guilty after a two-day trial and he smiled as he was led to the cells.

Passing sentence yesterday, judge Lady Stacey said: “It is essential you serve a long period of imprisonment because of what you have done.”

It emerged he already had a criminal past – but the details were not revealed in court.

Siobhan believed he had 
been unfaithful (Image: DAILY RECORD)

Siobhan Stevenson before the attack (Image: Internet Unknown)

The attack happened at Siobhan’s 
flat in Glasgow’s Springburn in 

The mum had dumped Grady weeks earlier after she believed he had 
been unfaithful.

He called her on the day of the 
assault to try to talk things over – but went on to brand her a “stupid daft cow”.


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Matthew Grady had a prior criminal record (Image: Internet Unknown)

Siobhan told the trial: “He later called in a rage saying: ‘I am going to slash you.’

“He was shouting and saying he was coming up to the house in 20 minutes.”

Siobhan was in her bathroom when her raging ex barged in to the flat.

Siobhan was in her bathroom when her raging ex barged in to the flat (Image: Daily Record)

She said: “I saw him in the mirror first. I turned around and he was running towards me with two knives in the air.”

Grady shouted: “I’m 
slitting your throat.”

His victim begged: “Please, please – don’t do this.”

Siobhan added: “I just rolled down and thought I was going to get murdered.”

Siobhan thought she was going to be killed (Image: DAILY RECORD)

Grady leaned over her and slashed her before leaving the flat and going back towards a taxi, whose driver he’d asked to wait after dropping him off.

He was arrested but lashed out at officers calling them “ratbags” and “f****** scum”.

His lawyer Neil McCulloch said: “His recollection is he went to the house to confront a man he perceived to be there.

“His recollection unfortunately is not clear – he attributes that to the alcohol he consumed.”