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Texas woman blows up her wedding dress to celebrate the end of her 14-year marriage

The only way to end a 14-year marriage is to send your wedding dress off in an explosion that can be felt 15 miles away — that is, at least, according to Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler.

The 43-year-old celebrated the end of her relationship by packing a wedding dress full of Tannerite, an explosive component that is used for firearms training. Sitting a safe distance away, she pulled the trigger.

The crazy scene was captured on camera and shared on Facebook.

Santleben-Stiteler’s father and brother-in-law were the masterminds behind the scheme.

“I was getting rid of stuff from the marriage, and I wanted to have a divorce party and burn the dress,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I told my family (mom, dad, two sisters and brother-in-law), and they thought it was a fabulous idea! My dad and brother-in-law took it to the next level.”

“We have a friend who is a bomb tech, and he kept saying, ‘That’s really a lot [of Tannerite],’ like five different times when we told him our plan, so we had to back it up,” Santleben-Newport told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Ultimately, they settled on 20 pounds of Tannerite. The targets, which were set off by a high-velocity bullet, produced a large vapor cloud as well as a booming sound. Exploding targets like these are often used for practice, so that the shooter doesn’t have to walk a long distance to know they hit their mark.


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In this case, people within a 15-mile radius knew the target was hit.

“The blast heard around the county. I heard it from my house,” a friend commented. “Our walls shook!” another shared. 

Every end of a relationship should be celebrated this way — with family, friends and fireworks. Although, if you plan to celebrate it in this exact way, then it’s good to have a bomb tech there as well.

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