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Why we are telling you don not use free VPN

  1. Jeopardize your safety

Free VPNs may contain malicious viruses. Just download or click a button in the VPN, it may be triggered.

If you download from Google Play or APP Store, the risk is relatively low.

But many people will download the installation file directly from the Internet, and the possibility of this VPN hiding virus is very great!

  1. Track your online activities

Many free VPNs will tell you: “To improve the user experience, allow the program to view your browsing history.”

Similar to this kind of message, please delete this VPN directly, even if you provide users with the option to allow or deny, they may be tracked online activities.

In particular, pay attention to the privacy policy of the VPN to see if there are any potentially harmful provisions.

  1. Steal your confidential information

Some free VPNs will ask you for a lot of personal information when registering, such as mailbox, mobile phone, ID card, third-party social media permissions and so on.

Please note that the permissions required by the VPN are reasonable. Basically, I receive mailboxes at most, and it is impossible to provide others.

In addition, when registering account passwords, do not use common account passwords, and mailboxes can also be registered with less commonly used ones.

Remember that when you use a free VPN, you can directly treat all these data on the Internet, because no one will guarantee your safety.

Remember not to use a free VPN to enter your credit card number, this is very dangerous.

  1. Many malicious ads pop out

The reason why free VPNs are free is that most of them support revenue through advertising. Otherwise, maintaining a VPN server is also a considerable expense.

General advertisements are okay, but some free VPNs will be implanted with malicious phishing website advertisements in order to make more money.

If the user is accidentally scammed by the website, the fraudulent website will be commissioned to free VPN, this kind of income is quite large!

So use free VPN to be extra careful not to click on the ads, if you open the web page, please close it immediately.

Sometimes the advertisement is not hidden in the VPN program, but it will pop up when you are online. Delete this VPN quickly!

  1. Limit the amount of data that can be used

Some free VPNs will limit the amount of connection data you can use. For example, TunnelBear limits the free use of the 500 MB limit.

As long as you pay to upgrade, you can lift the traffic limit.

This type of VPN is not dangerous, but in the name of free, it is actually for the benefit of subsequent payment.

Just be careful when you run out of data, don’t accidentally press the payment button, basically OK.

  1. Significantly reduce connection speed

This is similar to the above. It may suddenly reduce your connection speed after one day of use, saying that you need to upgrade for a fee to restore the connection speed.

It is basically free to attract you to use, and guide to paid use.

However, be careful that after the upgrade, the speed is still not relatively fast. The customer service will also tell you that there are too many users, and make excuses to perfuse you.

Rather than being so uncertain, it is better to use a paid VPN that can be refunded unconditionally for 30 days from the beginning.

  1. Personal data is sold

This is usually linked to tracking your online activity above.

Collect user’s online activity data through privacy policy or authority, and then sell this data to advertisers.

So be sure to pay special attention to what information your free VPN has collected, but your browsing history may not be easily tracked.

  1. Account is disabled

Some VPNs are regarded as malicious source networks because they have too few IPs or are used for malicious attacks.

When you use this IP to log into some websites with high security protection, it may cause your account to be disabled, because you are worried about being hacked.

Therefore, the diversified and good credit manufacturers of server IP are a big factor in judging the quality of VPN!


  1. IP does not actually jump

The most basic function of VPN is to do IP jump, but some free VPNs do not jump at all.

This kind of VPN is pretending to be free and doing most malicious acts.

So after you connect, be sure to check your IP to the server country through IP query.

10 Regarded as an unsafe source

Some VPNs provide IPs that have long been regarded as insecure sources by major networks.

So when you use this IP to surf the Internet, you will find that various websites are unable to connect.

This type of VPN is no longer necessary!

VPN Singapore suggest you how to choose a good VPN?

  • Large foreign manufacturers with high visibility (non-China)
  • Very large number of users
  • There are many evaluation articles
  • Good after-sales service, including trial period, customer service response speed
  • There are enough servers that can be connected



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