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USA Teacher banned from wearing ‘inappropriate’ outfit to work with nine-year-olds

Most people couldn’t see anything wrong with her outfit – but some think the boots are to blame

There have been many stories in the news lately about children being told off, put in isolation or even suspended for wearing the wrong uniform.

But you rarely hear about teachers getting a hard time over what they wear to school.

One female teacher in the USA was reportedly banned from wearing her outfit to work again because it was deemed ‘inappropriate’.

A photograph of the woman, with her face blocked out, was posted to the Facebook page Mojo in the Morning yesterday.

The teacher is posing in a grey dress with a cowl neck showing a flash of her collarbones.

She finished the look with a buckled belt around her waist and knee length black boots.

The teacher was told not to wear outfit (Image: Facebook)

The caption read: “Is this outfit appropriate for a 4th grade teacher? She was told not to wear it to school again.”

Fourth grade is the class for children aged nine and 10, or the equivalent of year five in the UK.

Many couldn’t work out what was wrong with the outfit and everyone started speculating, confused, in the comments section.

Tammy Dimmond-Tracy wrote: “It’s probably the other frumpy teachers that were complaining because they are jealous. She looks great!!!! It’s not fair for the ones that actual take care of themselves to get punished.”

Others suggested that the issue might be with the boots, drawing comparisons to Julia Roberts’ prostitute character in Pretty Woman.


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Some compared her to Julia Roberts (Image: Rex)

Heather Spitler commented: ” I think she looks fine. I feel like if she was wearing black leggings underneath that dress and a pair of black flats nobody would say anything but it’s just the stigma that comes with the boots.”

Megan Lawless added: “I think she looks super cute and I would have no problem with her teaching my daughters!

“I agree with what others said if she was wearing the leggings with flats instead of boots no one would have even brought it up! I personally, see nothing wrong with her outfit. If I was as in shape as her, I would rock the same outfit!”

Jamie Kasmier said: “My first reaction was ‘stripper/club’ boots, but when I step away from the stigma associated with those type of boots…the outfit is appropriate. I’m certain some parent/teacher/administrator thought the same thing and can’t step back from it.”

Others pointed out that her boots were actually covering more skin, so there shouldn’t have been a problem.

The Facebook post has attracted more than 2,500 comments and 1,3000 reactions.



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