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‘I could see he was crazy’ earlier victim alleges of Rick Moranis attack suspect

Nearly six months before he allegedly knocked Rick Moranis to the ground outside the actor’s Upper West Side apartment, Marquis Ventura was charged with an even more violent, unprovoked attack on a Bronx subway.

“I could see he was crazy,” the victim in that attack, mom and restaurant manager Ashley Davis, told The Post.

“I was telling the police — This guy’s not right. This guy’s got a mental illness.”

Davis, 34, was on a downtown 5 with her husband, Glenn Smith, 34, when Ventura — who’d been walking between train cars — allegedly jumped them, she said.

Ventura is charged with misdemeanor assault in the April 13 attack, according to online court records.

“This dude just randomly started beating the crap out of me and my husband,” she said.

“He pulled a knife on my husband. He punched my face. I thought he broke my eye socket and jaw,” she said.

“This guy was just kicking and hitting him,” she said. “It was crazy. It happened so fast. This guy was just intent on assaulting us.”

She added, “I thought my husband was dying. His shoulder was so badly dislocated it was down to his belly,” she said.

Ventura is counter-claiming that they attacked him, because her husband had picked up the knife that she says Ventura dropped.

Smith is charged with misdemeanor menacing with a weapon, court records show.

Prosecutors have offered to drop charges on both sides, but, “I was like no way,” she said. “I want them to throw the book at this guy.”

Davis has needed psychiatric care after the attack, and can no longer bring herself to set foot in a subway, she said.

“I feel very, very bad for him,” she said of Moranis, adding that she’s a big fan of “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.”

“Neither of us should have to go through what we did.”


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