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Mum and three men ‘created sex trafficking gang that ferried underage schoolgirls to Travelodges and forced them into sex’

Diane Chilcott, 39, allegedly used her home as a base to ply teenage girls – some as young as 13 – with alcohol

A mother and three young men were part of a sex trafficking gang which ferried underage schoolgirls to Travelodge hotels to provide them for sex, a jury heard today.

Diane Chilcott, 39, used her home as a base to ply teenage girls with alcohol before she and Daniel Pusey drove them to booked rooms at a number of Travelodge hotels, it was claimed.

The foursome stood in the dock at Guildford Crown Court today accused of continuing to traffic “vulnerable” victims after 20-year-old Pusey was arrested in bed with a 13-year-old girl.

Chilcott, Pusey, Jerrell Sutherland and Robert Carson face a six week jury trial after they all denied facilitating travel to exploit under the Modern Slavery Act.

Pusey denies separate counts of penetrative sex with underage girls.

Robert Carson denies facilitating travel to exploit under the Modern Slavery Act (Photo: INS News Agency Ltd)

Prosecutor Christopher May said: “The Crown say that these four defendants who are in the dock during the course of the trial were concerned in aiding and facilitating the travel of young teenage girls to hotel locations at Travelodge in early 2016 with a view to exploit them sexually… a short hand term for that might be trafficking.

“In those hotels the Crown says the girls were exposed to and involved in the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

“In some cases these girls were actually sexually exploited.

“In addition the Crown says that the defendant Daniel Pusey was himself involved in sexual activity with three girls who were aged under 16 at the time and the Crown says he knew or must reasonably have known at the time that they were under 16 so that sexual activity with them was illegal.

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“This involved, in some cases, having full sexual intercourse with underage girls.”

Chilcott arrives at court (Photo: INS News Agency Ltd)

The court heard that the gang continued to traffic girls after Pusey was arrested when he was found in bed with one of the 13-year-old victims after she was declared missing by her father.

“The Crown says that it must have made it even more obvious that what was going on was unlawful and Mr Pusey continued with sexual activity with an underage girl even after being arrested after being found in bed with a 13-year-old girl,” said Mr May.

He carried on: “The prosecution says her (Diane Chilcott) home address, Rutherwyk Road in Chertsey, Surrey was used as a base.

“It was somewhere the defendants would meet with the girls, we say that certainly drinking took place there and from where girls were then taken on to the hotels.

“She herself ferried various girls to and from different Travelodge hotels in her car. Mr Pusey was the other driver.

“On one occasion she was present overnight in one of the hotels. Her involvement in obtaining the girls, even encouraging them and so on, is clearly shown in telephone elements which we will come to later.

“She doesn’t really dispute that people were coming to her house, that she knew the other defendants, that she took people to the hotels, we say the girls to the hotels, but she claims she had no idea that there was sexual activity going on or the girls were underage.”

Carson, 18, seen at Guildford Crown Court (Photo: INS News Agency Ltd)

The jury heard that it was through an underage girl’s “network of friends and contacts” that Chilcott’s “access was gained to those various other girls.”

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“It must have been absolutely obvious to her that these were underage girls,” said Mr May.

Chilcott, Robert Carson, aged 18 years, from Gurell Grove, London, Jerrell Sutherland, aged 24 years, from Milwards in Harlow, Essex, and Pusey, formerly from West Drayton, Middlesex, stood before a jury of four women and eight men jointly charged with three counts of facilitating travel to exploit at Travelodges in Slough, Berks., Twickenham, London, and Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey, in early 2016.

The court heard the four defendants booked rooms and made five trips to the Travelodges in January and February after Pusey met one of them at a New Year’s Eve party.

Hotel records showed that they attended and had been evicted following noise complaints and after security found them smoking in rooms, said Mr May.

Pusey also faced two counts of having penetrative sex with a 14-year-old girl between September and November 2014.

Jurors heard the victim told police that they had sex 10 times and how the alleged paedophile “would not stop bugging me.”

He also denied two counts of penetrative sex with a child in January 3 and February 6, at Travelodges, and one of sexual activity with a child when he was arrested while in bed with a 13-year-old girl at his home on January 17, in 2016.

The trial before Judge Stephen Climie continues.

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