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Mum branded ‘disgusting’ after she let son PEE in cup he had been drinking from in middle of packed restaurant

Mother allowed boy to urinate into the soft drink cup while standing next to their table with one poster saying: ‘even animals do not pee next to the place they eat’

Diners were left horrified after a mum let her son pee in a cup he had been drinking from in the middle of a restaurant.

The mother, who’s been blasted as “disgusting” online, held out the cup for the boy as he stood next to their table at a shopping centre food court in Krasnodar, Russia.

The mum had decided that rather than walk her child to the nearest toilet she would just hold out the cup for him to wee in.

The remnants of the family’s lunch can be seen on the table, with reports that they had only minutes earlier used the cup to drink out of.

Another woman who was eating at the same table appeared embarrassed and tried to avert her eyes during the incident.

A sickened customer took a picture from a nearby table and uploaded it online – sparking a horrified outcry from people on social media

One wrote: “Even animals do not pee next to the place they eat. What did this woman think of when she decided to hold a CUP next to her son’s pee pee?”

While another said: “I wonder if the boy wanted to do number two, would she let him do it at the food court too? By putting a newspaper on a plate? Wild people.”

The mum was blasted as “disgusting” (Photo: CEN)

Another added: “They should get fined for stuff like that and people who do not have the brains to learn what everyday social culture involves. Disgusting!”


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The incident has since turned into a huge online joke, with pictures of the mum and boy being superimposed to show them carrying out the deed in a variety of places including a fruit juice market stall, a meeting room and even in the toilet.

The disgusting picture was posted online weeks after a horrified mum shared a story about parents letting their toddler poo in the middle of a pub.

“Last night, having a meal at seven pm in a nice pub and a parent got their child to use the potty by their table,” she wrote on Mumsnet.

People on social media said this is where the child should’ve been peeing (Photo: CEN)

“They had a potty with the liners so she tied the bag, then went and disposed of it.

“I thought about saying something to the staff or the people themselves – if it had been just our family I would have done.

“I was with my parents and I think they would have found it uncomfortable if I complained. To make matters worse, the boy really did look old enough to be able to get to a toilet.”

The mum wasn’t alone in her shock – plenty of other mums and dads were as puzzled (and a little grossed out).


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