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A Woman Who Wore a Miniskirt in Saudi Arabia Was Detained by Police

A Saudi Arabian Snapchat model known as Khulood has recently landed herself in hot water with local authorities. She posted a video of herself walking around with a miniskirt and crop top in public. On Tuesday, she was arrested and charged with publicly wearing “immodest clothes.”

In the video, Khulood is seen walking around the historic village Ushaiager; an area ripe with conservative viewpoints. This village is in the Najd province, which is the birthplace of Wahhabism; a puritanical and fundamentalist branch of Sunni Islam.

Women in Saudi Arabia are required by law to wear long, loose robes (abayas) in public. Many also wear black veils over their face and hair. Khulood is an activist for women’s rights in her home country. Her video demonstrates the belief that it should be a woman’s choice to decide what she wears.

Khulood has also fought back against the Saudi law which prohibits women from driving a motor vehicle. She previously posted a video of herself driving a car on her Snapchat.


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