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Keep These Tips in Mind when Home Rental Hunting

Hunting for your dream rental home is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You’re eager to find your perfect place and get settled in, yet figuring out how much you can afford in rent and utilities is always in the back of your mind. Location, type of rental property, and square footage are things to consider when trying to save money, and making sure your furry friend is allowed is of course a cherry on top. Here are some things to keep in mind as you are touring and searching rental properties.

Use Your Network of Friends

Sometimes, hunting for the perfect rental property can drag on forever and seem like there’s nothing available within your price range. Just because you’re looking for houses for rent in Indianapolis doesn’t mean you have to have a best friend also living there. Nowadays, we have so many connections that even though we may not have a friend in the area we’re looking for rentals in, they may know someone. It can even be a scenario such as “My coworker has a friend that rents apartments out, let me give you their information!”

Move When It’s Cold Out

When you’re rental hunting in the summer, chances are, lease prices are going to be at their highest. The landlord isn’t going to budge because this is the time when most people are out and about, and they can have many options for finding a renter. Rent prices are at their lowest in November, December, and January, so keep that in mind.

Make Sure There’s Room for Your Furniture

You found the perfect couch and your perfect bed, not realizing that they’re too wide to even fit through the door. This is a common problem, since a lot of rental properties have the older, smaller framed doorways, and big city apartments are known for downsizing everything. Measure all of the furniture you need to bring with you, and if you see a property you’re interested in, measure doorways and make sure the bedroom is big enough for that queen-size bed.

Don’t Trust the Landlord’s Utility Quote

A landlord’s goal is to sell, sell, sell. They don’t live there, so it’s common sense that they won’t really know the usual electric bill. If you want to live in a large apartment building with many tenants, take advantage of this and if you see someone in the hallway, just ask them what their normal monthly utility bill is. They will understand, as everyone living there is in the same boat.

Be Realistic

There’s nothing like the sour gut feeling when you find your dream rental space and picture yourself making coffee in the kitchen when it’s so far over your budget. Don’t have the mentality of “Oh well, I’ll make it work,” when it just won’t. You don’t want to be living paycheck to paycheck; you want money left over for fun weekends with friends and family and taking spontaneous trips.