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Hunt for gunman who murdered stranger on Facebook Live ‘because he was mad with his girlfriend’

Steve Stephens broadcast the moment he shot and killed stranger Robert Godwin Snr on Facebook Live

Police have launched a major manhunt for a man who posted video of a deadly shooting on Facebook.

Steve Stephens broadcast the random killing of a stranger, Robert Godwin Snr, 74, on Sunday afternoon and the horrific footage remained online for three hours before it was deleted.

Stephens later published another film claiming he had killed 15 more people. Police in Cleveland, Ohio, have yet to confirm his claim and are now hunting Stephens.

Police have warned residents in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan that Stephens could have fled to a neighbouring state.

Mr Godwin was killed as he walked along a street after eating an Easter meal with his family. He was described as a kind and caring father-of-10 who would “give you the shirt off his back”.

Police patrol major intersections as hunt for gunman continues

Police have taken positions at major intersections around Cleveland as they continue to search for the killer.

A local news anchor wrote on Twitter that she noticed an increased police presence on her way to work this morning.

Police have received hundreds of tips in their hunt for Steve Stephens, who may have fled to a neighbouring state following the shooting.

Cleveland police investigating double shooting in car park

Police in Cleveland are investigating a double shooting which occurred overnight, but there is no suggestion it has any link to the killing of Robert Godwin Snr and ongoing manhunt for Steve Stephens.

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Reports claimed two people were shot as they sat inside a parked car. Photos showed a car with windows that had been shot out.

The double shooting – which occurred while many officers were involved in the manhunt for Stephens – and the murder of Mr Godwin occurred in different areas of the Ohio city.

Last year was the deadliest year in a decade in Cleveland, with 136 homicides reported.

At least 31 homicides have been reported this year.

This is the car the suspected gunman was driving

This is the car that the suspected gunman was driving at the time of the murder, say police.

The white Ford Fusion has an Ohio temporary tag of E363630.

Family of victim of the Facebook Live killer begs people not to share video of murder(Photo: CLEpolice/Twitter)

In the video posted on Facebook the suspect is seen getting in and out of a white car.

Police are still looking for Steve Stephens, who may have fled across state lines.

Stephens’ mobile phone “pinged” off tower in neighbouring state

Police have launched a huge manhunt for Stephens, warning residents of neighbouring states that he may have fled Ohio after the murder.

One of those states in Pennsylvania, where police in the city of Erie have told local media that the suspect’s mobile phone “pinged” off a tower there just before 10pm local time, about eight hours after the shooting.

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There have been no confirmed sightings, TV station WKBW reported.

Suspected killer’s colleagues “shocked” by killing

In the footage of the murder the suspect says he’s 37-years-old and a case manager at a children’s mental health facility.

A spokeswoman for Beech Brook, a behavioural health agency that assists children, teens and families, confirmed that Steve Stephens is one of its employees.

The spokeswoman added: “We are shocked and horrified like everyone else. To think that one of our employees could do this is awful.”

Stephens’ longtime girlfriend says suspected gunman is “nice guy”

Steve Stephens’ longtime girlfriend, Joy Lane – who was named in the suspected killer’s Facebook video and post – has described the wanted man as “nice” and “generous”.

The pair had recently split, according to reports, and the suspect’s mum has claimed he shot the victim, Robert Godwin Snr, because he was “mad” at Ms Lane.

Robert Godwin Snr (Photo: RealSkelton/Twitter)

Ms Lane told CBS News in a text message that they had been in a relationship for several years, and she was “sorry” for what had happened.

She added: “My heart & prayers goes out to the family members of the victim(s). Steve really is a nice guy… he is generous with everyone he knows.

“He was kind and loving to me and my children. This is a very difficult time for me and my family Please respect our privacy at this time.”

Everything we know about Facebook live shooting suspect

A manhunt continues for a man suspected of fatally shooting a pensioner in a killing that was shown on Facebook.

The suspect is Steve Stephens, who worked at a children’s mental health facility and recently split with his longtime girlfriend, according to reports.

Suspected gunman killed victim ‘because he was mad with his girlfriend’

The mother of suspected gunman Steve Stephens claims he killed an innocent man in the street because he was upset with his ex-girlfriend.

Maggie Green told CNN that she spoke to her son on Sunday and he told her he was “mad with his girlfriend”.

She said: “That’s why he is shooting people and he won’t stop until his mother or girlfriend tell him to stop.”

Stephens and his girlfriend had recently split, according to reports.

Campaign to stop people from sharing video of killing

Social media users are urging people to stop sharing video of the killing.

The footage shows the victim being shot as he walked along a street.

A campaign has been launched online to discourage people from posting it on Twitter, Facebook or other websites.

Shooting victim was a father of 10

Robert Godwin Sr was a father of 10, his daughter has told local media.

The victim’s daughter told a reporter that her father was a “sweet” man and “didn’t deserve” what happened to him.

Scores of crowdfunding pages have been set up in to raise money in memory of Godwin, but his family have warned that none of them have been authorised or endorsed by them.

His daughter said the family has reported 35 unauthorised GoFundMe accounts to the FBI.