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A glamour model feared to have been groomed by deadly ISIS recruiters has been released without being charged.

Kimberley Miners was quizzed by terror cops and had her home raided over concerns she could be the next “White Widow” Sally Jones.

The 27-year-old was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of terrorist material in October of last year but the probe has since been dropped, Daily Star reveals.

Miners appeared on social media under the alias Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya and posted chilling images of Muslim women brandishing rifles and other weapons.

Photos showed her fully veiled or with only her blue eyes on display, but in public she wears skinny jeans and leaves her long blonde hair uncovered.

She was also feared to be in contact with an ISIS fighter in Syria who was urging women to join the barbarous terror group.

But Miners insisted she disagrees with ISIS beheadings and said she was primarily concerned about the plight of Syria’s refugee children.

The former model visited Turkey twice and stayed at refugee camps close to the border.

She said at the time: “I remember seeing a 3-year-old and a little baby at the side of the road.

“I felt like I needed to carry on telling everyone this is what’s really going on. I just want to help them children … it’s so sad what they’re going through.”

Miners, who comes from a Christian family, first appeared in the national media in 2009 when she was juggling her job as a street cleaner in Bradford with a fledgling career as a topless model.

She has complained in the past about being abused in public when she wore Islamic dress.

Kimberley said: “I’ve gone from glamour model to something completely different.

“But that again makes me wonder. You don’t get s–t from wearing [nothing], but the second you start wearing [the veil] you get accused [of extremism] and stuff.”

A police spokesman said: “The 27-year-old woman from Bradford arrested on suspicion of the possession of terrorist material has been released from her bail without charge.”


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