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Content King: Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Content creations is one of the most impactful methods to increase a websites authority and trust. The more content a website generates, the higher chance of its rankings duplicate it has. Content creation requires some specifics to be considered of quality. Some people prefer quantity while others prefer quality. Content is king in 2017, read below the best ways you can optimize your content for Search Engines.


Total Word Count. As mentioned above, some websites prefer to have a very long article, while others prefer to have many short and informative articles. What do search engines prefer? Articles between 300+ words are known to index faster. The insider secret used to make those articles index much faster on google is to make them as unique as possible. Website pings,sitemap, and rss feed upgrades and submissions will always result to a faster index rate on the top search engines.



Titles and Tags.  Title and tags are the 2 most important elements that require optimizing. The main title should always be relevant to the content and the website. The internal content title tags should be unique,but topic related to the first title tag. The tags be long tailed keywords and not over tagged. Titles and tags are the best and easiest way to boost your content’s search engine position.


Image Optimization. Even images need to be optimized. In PHP, images can easily be optimized. Most websites use wordpress for blogging. WordPress also has a neat feature which offers image optimization. By giving the image a title and a mini 1 sentence description, it should be more than enough for successful image optimization. Some websites may not have the highest rankings and the main thing thats holding them back is image optimization. Always remember to optimize your images!


Promote On Social Media. Social media is a place to rapidly promote your work. Sharing new and fresh content on social media is always a great SEO booster and it will always lead to an increased fan base. Share your social media websites on the bottom of your blog. This will ensure a higher chance of post sharing and expansion.


URL Structure. Optimizing your url structure will instantly boost your web position on search engines. The url structure must always be free of underscores and should have the blog title directly in the url.


Posting Relevance. All content created should have some form of relation with the main websites topic target. Anything off topic won’t be good for SEO. Always posting about relevant topics in a relevant time based format is always recommended. Creating a content posting schedule is always a great practice to keep up with a constant posting schedule.


Design. A blogs design must also be very user friendly and search engine friendly. Ntw Designs official site, http://www.ntwdesigns.com/  ,is a full service web design company and they have mentioned that a websites internal coding must be error free to ensure that there are no search engine index issues or bounce rates.


Following a strategic and optimizing content creation method will instantly make your content king on the web. Follow the ways mentioned above to make your content even more visible on the web and on social media websites.

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