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Cash Me Outside Girl Back!

Dr Phil has created a monster.

Danielle, the tough-talking teen who went viral for all the wrong reasons after she challenged audience members to “cash me outside” for a fight, returned to the scene of her exploits this week, appearing on Dr Phil for a long-awaited cash-up.

Sadly, it seems young Danielle, 13, hasn’t exactly been reformed by her experiences. Instead of thanking Dr Phil for sending her to Turnabout Ranch – a rehab school “for troubled boys and girls” – she refuses to accept that he had anything to do with it.

In fact, she thinks he should be showing her some gratitude.

“I guess what’s good for you is – I made you just like Oprah made you. You were nothin’ before I came on,” Danielle says.

When her mother presses her to acknowledge the help Dr Phil has given her, she pushes back, saying it’s just his money that helped her.

Danielle’s mum is clearly at her wits’ end. Source: Dr Phil

“If it wasn’t for his money – you can’t say that if it wasn’t for him,” Danielle says stroppily.

“I could have paid for it myself, that’s for damn sure.”

Dr Phil struggles to keep his composure. Source: Dr Phil


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