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Australian high roller banned from every casino in the world claims Canadian billionaire offered $2 MILLION to sleep with his wife

An Australian gambler banned from all casinos worldwide has accused a Canadian billionaire of making a $2million-a-year sex-for-stardom offer to his Brazilian actress wife.

Robert Cipriani has claimed in a lawsuit filed in New York that married hockey team owner Daryl Katz offered to pay his wife Greice Santo $20,000 (AUD$26,650) for sex.

According to the lawsuit, the sordid deal would see Katz and Mrs Santo have sleep together six times a month for a year – taking the full payment to $1.44million (AUD$1.92million)

Robert ‘Robin Hood 702’ Cipriani has claimed in a lawsuit that married hockey team owner Daryl Katz offered to pay his wife Greice Santo (pictured) $20,000 (AUD$26,650) for sex

Mrs Santo, who stars in US comedy-drama Jane the Virgin, informed police in Hawaii of the offer in November 2015, claiming that she turned it down. 

Her police statement has now emerged as part of Mr Cipriani’s lawsuit against Katz’s PR man Glenn Bunting, who he accuses of trashing his reputation.

Mr Cipriani (pictured with his wife) is suing Katz’s PR man Glenn Bunting, who he accuses of trashing his reputation

According to Mrs Santo (left), Katz (right) offer was for them to sleep together six times a month for a year – for a full payment of $1.44million (AUD$1.92million)

Mr Cipriani is suing Bunting for reportedly causing irreparable harm to his reputation when killing a story that he gave to the New York Post newspaper.

The news story was allegedly about the police report Mrs Santo had made about Katz.

Bunting has not comment on the lawsuit, while a lawyer for Katz – who is married to wife Renee and has two teenage children – said Mr Cipriani’s claims were ‘false, malicious and entirely without merit’.

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Mr Cipriani claims Katz, who is worth an estimated $3.5billion (AUD$4.66billion) and owns the Edmonton Oilers hockey team, made repeated advances on his wife for months after the initial offer in Hawaii.

The lawsuit, which was first reported by Variety, includes Mrs Santo’s 12-page statement to Hawaii Police which she filed after visiting the state for a photo shoot.

She claims she was being put up at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai by Viva Glam magazine when she met Katz and his cousin Michael Gelmon.

Big break: Santo (centre, with Gina Rodriguez and Jaime Camil), who appeared in the first season of Jane the Virgin, met Katz in November of 2015 at a photo shoot in Hawaii

‘I’m not a prostitute’: Mrs Santo filed a complaint with Hawaii Police after the alleged offer

‘Over the next couple of days both Katz and Gelmon talk about helping my career,’ Mrs Santo said in her police report.

‘They also spoke of the many connections Daryl Katz had, including his partnership with Joel Silver and Silver Pictures.’

She then adds: ‘I was told many times by Gelmon how very rich and powerful Katz is.’

A few days into the trip, Mrs Santo claims Gelmon texted her ‘Google Daryl Katz’, then instructed her to met them later in Katz’s hotel suit to ‘help’ with her career.

‘For about 30 minutes they told me how they can change my life and career and also change my family’s life with their connections in Hollywood,’ Mrs Santo wrote.

Katz (abiove) is the owner of the Edmonton Oilers and is worth an estimated $3.5billion

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She also claimed that Katz initially offered to get her a big movie role, but then said he would rather just give her money.

‘I’m talking about millions,’ Katz said, according to the report, before allegedly adding: ‘This would help your family and you so you don’t struggle.’

Mrs Santo wrote in her report that she then asked: ‘What would I have to do for this?’

‘I’m looking for companionship and sex,’ Katz allegedly replied.

Mrs Santo was shocked and left the suite soon after with Gelmon, who apologised, according to the police report.

She texted Viva Glam boss Katarina Van Derham of her concerns, to which Mrs Santo claims she replied: ‘It’s no big deal, he’s like that, he told me he was going to have sex with you no matter what.’ 

Mrs Santo also claimed in her report that Katz and Gelmon were ‘obsessed’ with her.

‘I think because I turned down his indecent proposal of giving me millions of dollars for sex,’ she wrote.

End result: Within days, Katz had offered to pay Santo millions for ‘companionship’ and ‘sex’ she claims in her police report (Santo above in a Viva Glam shoot)

Mr Cipriani claims Katz (left) made repeated advances on his wife (right) for months after the initial offer in Hawaii

Change in plans: Santo (left, with Viva Glam managing editor Candace Kita) claims that at first Katz offered to get her a big movie role, but then said he would rather just give her money 

The actress said Katz flew from Los Angeles to London on his private jet to meet her once more, sending her $20,000 for her time.

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After giving her the money to secure a dinner date with her, he allegedly texted her saying: ‘This is your fairy godfather.’  

Mrs Santo stated in her police report that she still believed at this point it was going to be a productive meeting about her movie roles and TV work.

‘That meeting again started with Daryl’s talk of helping my career, but then 30 minutes into conversation Katz wanted sex for money,’ she said. 

Mrs Santo claims she told Katz: ‘I’m not a prostitute.’ 

Katz allegedly replied to this by telling Mrs Santo: ‘If I were you I’d just take the money.’ 

Mr Cipriani is banned from all casinos globally after pleading guilty to insurance fraud in 2006.

He was also a key informant in an investigation into a cocaine syndicate that police claimed was being operated out of The Star casino in Sydney, as well as other casinos in Las Vegas. 

Katz’s attorney Dennis Roach told Variety: ‘Robert J. Cipriani is a convicted felon who has been menacing Mr Katz and his family for more than a year. 

‘The allegations in the complaint filed against Mr Bunting and his company, and the assertions made in that document about Mr Katz, are false, malicious and entirely without merit. 

‘Moreover, it is plain as day that this so-called complaint was filed solely as bait for the media as part of an ongoing effort by Cipriani to harass, embarrass and possibly extort Mr Katz, exactly as Cipriani has done with other prominent individuals.’ 



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