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how to activate dnd on vodafone sim


It is annoying that unwanted marketing messages and calls by mobile network operators. Service providers do not provide the proper information about how to activate the Do Not Disturb options. The actuality is that none of the network providers in our country will want their users to subscribe to the DND services because they want to make money by allowing their paid advertisers to send SMS to their customers.

How to activate DND on Vodafone service providers?

DND services now transformed to NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register) by the TRAI (The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). NCPR makes it possible that receiving unwanted calls or messages are almost zero. Vodafone customer care in India allows their customer to stop all kind of unwanted marketing calls and messages he receives. It is an essential service forever customer who wants to get rid of unwanted services then this article will help you throughout to activate and deactivate the DND services. Dnd services are common and same set instructions are to follow for all the service providers.


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To activate the DND, the following steps to be done

Activate via online

  • Visit Vodafone’s DND Page
  • Enter your name, email address and mobile number you want to activate this service.
  • Select yes under full DND.
  • Type the captcha and submit.

DND activation via SMS or Call

For all service providers, DND activation via SMS and call has followed the same set of instructions

Send START 0 SMS to 1909 which will activate Full DND on your mobile number.

  • START 0- Fully blocked
  • START 1- Banking, Insurance, Financial Products, and credit cards
  • START 2- Real Estate
  • START 3- Education
  • START 4- Health
  • START 5- Consumer goods and automobiles
  • START 6- Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT
  • START 7- Tourism and Leisure

If you want information about the health and tourism, then send SMS START 4,7 to 1909 which means it allows only the messages and calls related to health and tourism.


Call 1909 and follow the IVR instructions which allow activating DND.

Calls and messages to 1909 are completely free customer service toll-free number.

Once give a request for this service it will take around working days to be activated on your mobile number register regardless the network providers of the telecom industry. You can check your DND status using the NCPR link.

To deactivate the DND services

  • Just send SMS STOP DND to 1909.
  • Deactivation can be applicable after the 3 months of the DND activation

Deactivation and activation of DND can be effective for 7 days from the date of registration. TRAI provides strict orders implementation for the SMS restrictions and gets abide by the unwanted calls and messages.

I hope this article will provide sufficient information to stop down the unwanted messages and calls reaching your mobiles. To Know More about Visit Fabnewz.

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