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Natasha Poly loves Nutella

Model Natasha Poly would like to ban junk food from the world in order to avoid temptation.

Natasha Poly

atasha Poly is “addicted” to Nutella.

The 31-year-old model admits she’d love to get junk food banished so she wouldn’t be tempted, and she’s always particularly drawn to the chocolatey hazelnut spread.

Asked what she’d consign to Room 101 – a place for fears and pet hates – she said: “Rude people. I had bad behaviour. And I’d put junk food in there, so that I wouldn’t eat it all. It’s bad, but so good.

“I’m addicted to Nutella. Once you take a bite, you just can’t stop.”

Natasha loves her modelling career, but she finds it tough being away from her family as much as she is because of her career.

She said: “I miss my family the most. I live in Amsterdam and they’re in Russia. I only get to see them a few times a year and I miss them a lot.

“My grandmother passed away at the beginning of this year and I regret not spending more time with her before she died. It’s hard when you live in different countries.

“My biggest extravagance is travel. I love to explore and I always bring my parents and family along with me.”

But Natasha – who has three-year-old daughter Aleksandra with husband Peter Bakker – is thankful to have the support and companionship of fellow model Eugenia Volodina.

She told Grazia magazine: “My best friend is Eugenia Volodina. We’ve been best friends since I started modelling.

“She’s always there for me and is the godmother to my daughter, so she’s part of the family.”

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