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Nail Art: Easy to Perform at Home Manicure with Neon Yellow

It’s summer again and there would be some hot colors that we would be seeing a lot in clothing, manicure and makeup such as yellow, oranges and green. Whilst many avoid wearing pastel during summer season but there are still some women who opt for neutral shades. There is nothing wrong in wearing neutral shades in makeup and clothing- all you need to keep up with is trend.  If the color is just in trends now it’s going to do good to you.

Today I am sharing a very nice tutorial on at-home manicure which does not take more than 20 minutes of your time. It’s also very easy to get it done because there is nothing very complicated about it.

If you were applying the white cuticle without using French manicure tips or tapes you might have noticed that it was a difficult task as crossing the line was very possible and restraining yourself within the boundary was somewhat of talent.  A little hand shake would likely to mess up the entire French manicure and you had to repeat it again. Now you don’t have to redo the manicure because there are manicure strips and tapes that don’t let the nail polish to smear on wanted area of the nails. You just intact the strip with near the tip and apply your coat. If your hand shakes by mistake nothing goes wrong since the coat smears right onto the tape instead of the nail that you have prepared with the lighter toned nail coat.

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Things needed for at-home manicure – Nail Art

Base coat which can be light pink or pastel

Neon yellow for French tips

Strip or manicure tape

Transparent top coat

Tutorial on at home manicure

  1. Prepare your nails by applying the base coat of any light color.
  2. Now take the strip off of the sticker and apply it directly near the French tip.
  3. Apply your neon nail polish onto the tips.
  4. You are done with your French manicure.
  5. You can use the tapes in any manicure of your choice.
  6. You can use white instead of neon yellow for at home-manicure.
  7. Though yellow is used for the tip in this art but you can opt for other colors if you want and make sure that it’s in trend, for instance some neon blue and purple colors are also awesome when they are used on the tips. You can use them for the tips to match the nails with the dress or so.

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