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Maniac ploughs his car into Butlins chalet in ‘act of revenge’ after row with ex-missus

Two terrified children were inside as the Ford Focus smashed through the wall

A MANIAC ploughed his car into a Butlins chalet in a feared act of revenge after rowing with his ex.

Two terrified kids were on the other side of the wall as the Ford Focus was left embedded in it.

Maniac has driven his Ford Focus into the wall of a chalet at Butlins in Skegness

The man in a Ford Focus hurtled down a path, across grass and into the ground floor apartment – crunching the wall and smashing a window.

Police are now hunting for the driver who other guests at the camp in Skegness said run off after crashing into the chalet being used by his ex-girlfriend and her two children.

The kids were understood to be in the bedroom the saloon smashed into.

Man is suspected to have smashed through the wall as revenge with his ex with two terrified children inside

The incident happened at Butlins in Skegness while the family were sleeping in their chalet

Children had been playing on the lawn next to Wednesday’s shunt just half-an-hour before.

One witness from a chalet opposite said: “It was just after 10pm when the car mounted the kerb. He seemed to just floor the accelerator and hit the wall hard.

“The driver – he appeared toned and in his 30s – opened the door and calmly walked off, turning around briefly to look at the damage.

“A woman looking really stressed came out clutching a child, one of two with her.

“My lads and other children were playing in the same spot just 30 minutes earlier, we had all been out on the grass.”

A man in his 30s is reported to have walked clamly away from the wreck – turning briefly to survey the damage

The onlooker said after giving a statement said: “Police told us it was either his girlfriend or his ‘ex’.

“Someone could have been very seriously hurt or even killed. “

A Butlins said: “We can confirm there was a localised incident involving guests known to one another in an area of our accommodation.

“This later resulted in a car striking a section of the accommodation.

Thankfully no one was injured, and police attended the incident. There is no damage to the structural integrity of the accommodation.”

Lincolnshire Police confirmed they were investigating.

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