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What Makes Cherokee Scrubs a Trusted Choice for Medical Practitioners?

If you are in the medical field, you might be wearing scrubs for the majority of your time. Initially, the surgeons used to wear the scrub uniforms before surgery for personal sterilization. However, now, nurses and medical practitioners wear them in every healthcare setting.

The scrubs that you wear daily must be comfortable, durable, flattering, and, most importantly, affordable. Cherokee scrubs are an excellent option for the qualities mentioned above. Below listed are some factors that make Cherokee scrubs the trusted choice among medical professionals.

Easy Identification of Contaminants

The medical practitioners attend patients who are susceptible to infections. Majority of the time, they are exposed to contaminated substances that can transmit diseases. These scrubs help identify potential contaminants such as vomit, blood drops, urine, saliva, stool, and other liquids. They are made of high-quality fabrics containing antimicrobial properties that restrict the spread of bacteria and germs.

Durable and Robust

Typically, the medical professional’s uniform gets very dirty and contaminated with harmful substances by the end of their shift. It is mandatory to subject such uniforms to a high-pressure wash under high temperature to cleanse them. This fantastic brand of scrubs comes in sturdy materials that withstand heavy-duty washing.

Protect Personal Clothing and Skin

Cherokee brand of scrubs comes in a material that is thicker than the usual scrubs. Germs cannot pass through these uniforms and they, eventually, protect the nurses’ dresses and their skin from hazardous elements.

Multi-Functional Design to Suit Daily Work

These scrubs are designed exclusively for medical professionals, like nurses. The design includes some fantastic features that can be beneficial in your daily activities. You can look out for features like pockets, antimicrobial properties, and bungee loops.

For instance, you can find some scrubs with five pockets. Further, there are other functional properties like moisture-wicking properties imbued into the scrub clothing. Such fabulous features make this brand very practical for medical practitioners.


The Cherokee scrubs are inexpensive compared to regular clothing, and they also last longer. Regular clothes tend to get spoiled very soon since they cannot cope up with the tenacity of the healthcare atmosphere.

On the other hand, these scrubs can last for months, thus making them budget-friendly. They possess high quality, safety features, and come at extremely affordable prices.

Create a Professional Identity

These durable scrubs give medical practitioners a professional identity. Also, they make it easy for patients, superiors, and other colleagues to identify the practitioners. You can choose the scrubs according to your job profile, representation, and grade.

Accentuate a Contemporary Look

Though white outfits are alluring, even a speck of dirt and blood can be prominently visible on them. It can make them look less sophisticated. However, the Cherokee scrubs are flattering with a proper fit in various colors.

Thus, the residues and dirt do not get highlighted. All these factors mentioned above contribute to giving a modern, professional appearance to the medical practitioners.

To summarize, scrubs are now the identity for the professionals involved with patient care in a healthcare facility.

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