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5 Ways to Show Your Christian Faith without Saying a Word

Jesus commands all Christians to go out and make disciples of all the nations. This means each Christian shares a common goal: sharing their faith with others.

But let’s face it: sharing your faith can feel awkward, clunky, and sometimes downright scary, especially if you’re not the street evangelist type.

You might be wondering how to weave it into a conversation. Likewise, you might be worried your friends and colleagues may not respond well!

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. There are amazing ways to share your faith without using words. Below, we’ve compiled 5 of them, so read on if you’d like to know more!

  1. Live Your Life Like Jesus

Jesus was a preacher, but He was also a doer. He used words to get His message across sometimes, but He didn’t always need them.

Instead, He sometimes chose to meet other people in the midst of their struggles and come alongside them. He chose to heal the sick and fight for those who were overlooked in society.

Our current world may look nothing like the ancient Roman empire, but people are still people. They still suffer and have needs and just want to feel a little less alone. Stepping in like Jesus did can go a long way.

  1. Socialize Outside of Your Christian Circles

Christians tend to hang out with a lot of other Christians. In fact, research shows that once someone becomes a believer, they lose contact with non-believers in about two years.

For people wishing to share their faith, this is a missed opportunity. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having Christian friends. However, if your whole life is filled with other Christians, how will you reach other people?

Also, more than 60% of new believers come to faith through people they know. So even if you don’t plan on witnessing through words, get out there!

  1. Wear Christian Apparel

You’re probably wondering how to share your faith while socializing without looking like you’re preaching. Fantastic question!

Fortunately, we live in a time where this is easy. In fact, just wearing a simple t-shirt can tell people what you believe and why. This site offers many of them.

You’ll be sharing your faith, and you won’t even need to say a word!

  1. Invite Your Friends to Christian Concerts

This is both a fantastic way to relieve some stress and share your Christian faith!

Do a little research on which bands are coming to your area soon and then see if any of your friends are up for a fun night out.

Many Christian bands will also share personal testimonies while they’re onstage. Because of this, your friends can hear all about Jesus while enjoying good music!

  1. Be Non-Judgmental

Unfortunately, most people have heard the stereotype that Christians are judgmental. Because of this, there’s a fair chance you’ll have to prove this doesn’t apply to you before anyone gives your faith a shot.

Remember that in all things, you are a representative of Jesus. Without exception, Jesus loved other people and sought out the company of those who the church labels “sinners.”

When people are sharing aspects of their lives with you, then, do your best to react with love and understanding first.

They will then see how you are different from the judgmental Christians they’ve heard about and be more open to your faith.

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