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5 cheap Valentine’s Day date night ideas that will lead to love

It’s that time of year when we’re all bombarded with ads for flowers, cheesy jewelry commercials, and heart-shaped candies at the local drugstore. Which means, of course, Valentine’s Day is upon us.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), spending for Valentine’s Day reached an all time high of $19.7 billion last year. (Pretty impressive for what many consider a made-up holiday.) Although consumers are expected to cut back on their spending in 2017, the average consumer will still spend around $136.57 this year. That’s down from the record-high of $146.84 in 2016.

If you want to do something nice for your loved on on V Day, but don’t want to spend a lot, we can help. Here are some unique and cheap date night ideas.

Use your apps

Never be ashamed to look for good deals when it comes to planning a date. Be financially smart and also creative by checking out apps like Groupon, Pulsd and Fever. These are all apps that I’ve personally used to plan some of the best dates I can remember.

These companies will give you the scoop on your city and you can find anything from 3-course dinners for half the original price to free events at your local bar, theater or park. I’ve even bought a Groupon for flying lessons that cost less than $140.

It might take 30 or 45 minutes for you to find the perfect fit but planning a unique date while also saving a few hundred dollars sounds like a big win!

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Cook with a culinary kit!

Believe it or not, for some, it’s the effort that counts on this special day. Anyone can call a restaurant and book a reservation but it says a lot more if you take the time out to cook an intimate dinner.

Don’t know how to cook? Kits like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh make it easy. Again, prices vary so you have to poke around to see what fits your budget as well as dietary needs. But what’s great about these services is that you get all the ingredients that you need and step by step directions.

If you are notorious for not being able to toast a piece of bread without burning it, you might want to invest in a few different meal options for backup. Even with the extras both services offer meals starting at $8 to $10 each. Not bad considering you’re getting fresh ingredients delivered right to your door.


Geocaching is kind of like going on a treasure hunt wherever you are in the world – and a fun and free date night activity. Once you download the app you will see the caches around you. You select one and your GPS will give you directions to its exact location. You can find anything from action figures to pictures but you don’t know what you’ll find until you get there. There are over 2 million geocaches worldwide and when I created my account there were hundreds of hidden trinkets all around me.

The rule is that you can take what you find, as long as you replace it with something of equal value. Once you find your cache, you can log it into your app and sign your name in the logbook at your destination.

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This kind of unpredictable adventure can lead you to random conversations, discovering new places you never noticed and might even give you a new outlook on the same town you’ve always lived in. Or, you can always go on a Pokemon-hunting date if that’s your thing!

Test drive your dream cars

No one said you actually have to buy a car in order to test drive it. Head to the dealer of your choice and ask to test drive the car you’d like. If you have a valid license and ask nicely, they shouldn’t give you a hard time. If they do, move on to the next dealership.

It’s fun to pretend with whoever you’re with – even if it is just for a 10 minute drive, in a car you may never buy. But that’s a 10 minute experience doing something new.

Make vision boards together

Making a vision board is something people do to help turn their dreams into reality. All you need is cardboard or poster boards, glue, scissors and a few magazines. The idea is that whatever you dream of or whatever you desire out of all aspects of your life, you find images of and paste on to the board.

Not only will this force you to think about your own dreams and wants but it will tell you a lot about the person next to you. It’s a great way to start a conversation and also a way to get to know your date on a deeper level without having to ask any awkward questions.

The best thing about these cheap date ideas is that they’re not only for a significant other. Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, it’s also a time to spend with anyone you love – including family members and friends!

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