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10 Super Romantic Acts Couples Should Do At Least Once To Make A Long-lasting Relationship

Romantic acts are the indispensable spice of love, helping two lovers become more attached to each other. Have you ever wondered what you should do? If yes, Check out our article for the answer!

  1. Stargazing together


You may think it is a time-wasting or a bit childish activity to do together, however, looking at the vast night sky with stars, sharing stories and plans, talking to each other with tender words is actually fantastic.

You two can also give each other sweet gestures as well – let time pass without worrying about anything and even fall asleep in your lover’s arms in such a romantic setting. That will be the most memorable moment for those in love.


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So, when you have time, watch the night falling with beautiful stars with her instead of looking at each other through the phone screen.

2. Jealous enough for them to feel how much you love them


Many people say that jealousy is an ugly thing in love, but no, it is the spice of love. Food without spices will be incredibly bland, and love is the same – being too peaceful will be boring.

Even if you trust your other half, there should be a time when you show a bit of jealousy,  a little bit of possession to prove that they are irreplaceable to you, and you love them so much. Sometimes having a sulk is necessary, making your love story more interesting.

3. Gently hug your lover from behind


You may think this is redundant advice because you and your lover have been together for ages?

Think twice!

Anyone in a relationship wishes to receive much love from the other, and one way of expressing love is through small sweet gestures every day. The more unexpected they are, the better it is.

After a long day of work, you come back home; a surprising back hug is not only romantic but also warming, saying that you highly appreciate your lover.

Don’t wait until special occasions like anniversaries, do it every day.

                   Man hugging woman from behind. Dochoitinhduc

4. Kiss in the rain


A kiss may turn the atmosphere into romance if you know how to do it properly. A sweet kiss in the rain is like a romantic movie and will become a memorable moment of the love of you two, although, both may get a cold.

Such a little sweet, amorous moment will refresh your love like the first days.

                      Two lovers kissing in the rain

5. Write letters and then send them by post


Do not let your phones become the third wheel in your relationship. Are boring phone messages making you two more and more distant? Something new is probably needed now. How long has it been since you two sent letters to each other?

A letter put into a cute envelope with kind words, feelings about him or some stories of daily life will be a unique gift for him. While it may take a little time for him to be received, but probably it’s way better than some plain characters and emojis!

6. Eat breakfast together in the bed


Busy daily life may make you two have too little time for each other.

But don’t worry, although there is just a simple breakfast together, it will help your other half feel well-attended as well.

It is virtually romantic when someone wakes you up with a kiss in the morning; everything is ready. Your lover will see the same.

Make your day start with love! Love will exist between the two in the long run.

Having breakfast with the lover in the bed

7. Travel long days together


Well, even if french fries is your favorite dish, you may get fed up with eating it too often. Love is the same.

A long- desired vacation is a reward for busy days with work and study; the trip may also bring the two is closer together. During the journey, you and your lover will spend almost full time with each other. Thus, this is an opportunity for you two to have more memories with each other, to understand your partner better.

You want to travel but have no idea where to go?

There are a wide variety of tourist destinations to choose from; I highly recommend some places for you to consider: Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue, Con Dao Islands, Marble Mountains, Tam Coc, My Khe Beach Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.

There is no need to be too frequent, but there should be such the journey, there is no need to be too far away, somewhere will be a good tourist attraction as long as there is the two together.

                               The couple traveling together

8. Listen to music with each other at weekends


Don’t need to go out!  You and your lover may stay at home and open a song the two love and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

It is possible for you two to find songs or music styles that you both love and then add to your list of common interests and hobbies.

Even if you and your lover don’t have a shared sense of music, which is not as bad as all that, this is another opportunity for you to learn to love what she likes or her all things.

At the end of the week, let’s do it with your beloved one!

9. Prepare a delicious meal without any special day


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Some believe that most men feel attracted to women who can cook; they find their other half pretty when preparing the meals. So, sometimes, let go to the kitchen to cook a delightsome dinner for your partner, find out favorite food as well as her eating habits, whether she is allergic to something? That act is also a smart and dedicated way to care for her health. She will be abundantly touched to see.

From now, you two may go to the kitchen more often and cook together!

10. Occasionally give her flowers for no reason at all


Do you think giving flowers is impractical or do you think flowers should only be for holidays or anniversaries? If yes, you’re wrong!

If your other half is a flower lover, not on any occasion, give her a bouquet she loves, which will make her thrilling and show how much you love her.

Only such surprises may make your little girl drop happy tears.

                              Man giving his partner flowers


Listed above are ten super romantic acts the couple should do at least once to make love more durable! I am sure that when you bear these tips in mind and apply them in suitable situations, your lover will feel extremely happy and your relationships will undoubtedly last.

If you find this article useful, press like and share right now! To discover more, wait for my next post. More interesting facts are waiting to be acknowledged!

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