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The Home Depot Unveils Werewolf, Grim Reaper, and Witch to Join Their Giant Halloween Skeleton

One of the more unexpected sources of delight back in 2020 ended up being the release of The Home Depot’s massive 12-foot skeleton, as its impressive stature saw Halloween fans getting creative about how to put the figure to use. With the skeletons earning viral fame across social media, the skeleton was also quick to sell out both online and in Home Depot locations, making it a certainty that it would return for 2021. In addition to the 12-foot skeleton making a comeback, last year also saw the debut of an Inferno Pumpkin variant, adding a more intimidating prop to the mix.

This year, The Home Depot has expanded its roster of massive figures even further, all of which are sure to be coveted items this year. In addition to bringing back the 12-foot skeleton and the Inferno Pumpkin variant, a 12-foot Hovering Witch has entered their catalogue, which appears to be defying gravity. Despite not being quite as tall as the other skeletons, fans will also be able to take home the frightening 9.5-foot Immortal Werewolf and the 8-foot Smoldering Reaper.

12-foot Giant-Sized Skeleton

12-foot Pumpkin Inferno

12-foot Hovering Witch


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9.5-foot Immortal Werewolf

8-foot Smoldering Reaper

15-foot Towering Phantom

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