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How This Artist Can Transform Her Face Will Leave You In Awe

Do you think face paint is just for kids? Think again! YouTube user and face painter extraordinaire Elsa Rhae is here to show you all the amazing things you can do with makeup. Her creations seem complex, but her videos show the step-by-step process that takes her from being an ordinary young woman to the fantastic creatures seen here. Take a look to see just how she creates these amazing transformations!

Click the links above the photos to see the making-of videos for each look.


For characters with non-human faces, Elsa uses the paint itself to mask her features.

Captain Planet

Elsa adds in thick black strokes to achieve a 2D cartoon look.

A White Walker from Game of Thrones

Elsa often uses colored contacts, but in this case, she simply painted her eyelids to get the blank look of the White Walkers.


Face painting doesn’t have to stay on the face. Elsa used her jaw and neck to create Venom’s huge, gaping mouth.

Red Skull

If you’re going to make yourself look like Red Skull, you’re better off using face paint instead of…the alternative.

Not all of Elsa’s creations come from pop culture. She designs many herself, and finds inspiration all over the place. Her influences include art and design, children’s books, and other makeup artists.

Pulled Face

This gruesome paint job was inspired by another makeup artist, Jay Bautista.

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The Giving Tree

This relatively simple piece is taken from Shel Silverstein’s classic tale.

Winter Wash

Elsa knows that face paint doesn’t have to be complex to be effective. This piece uses plain white with areas of color to create a striking effect.

Breaking the Mold

This design also uses the contrast of plain white and color to create a 3D effect.

Face on Face

Using just black and white, she’s created something really interesting. And yes, she paints her hair, too. That’s dedication!

Check out this video below to see her in action. It’s part of a collaborative project with another talented makeup artist, Ashlea Henson, in which they each painted themselves as cyborgs. She also has a good sense of humor!

(via YouTube/Elsa Rhae)

If you’re looking for your next Halloween or costume party inspiration, take some cues from Elsa Rhae. There are more videos on her channel to check out, all showing the tricks and techniques she uses to achieve these incredible results.

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