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Halloween Makeup: Mermaid Makeup Designs and Tutorials

Mermaids and Their Inspiration

Mermaids have captured the imagination of people for about three thousand years, as tales of encounters at sea with the exotic creatures by sailors, resulted with many legends and myths being repeated and expanded upon over the years.

That has resulted in some great material to be used as inspiration for makeup purposes, as people continue to re-imagine the looks of a mermaid, with many incorporating Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” as one of their major sources of material.

The Little Mermaid, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, was based on a fictional story written by Hans Christian Andersen. All of that has only served to enhance and increase the fascination so many of us have with mermaids, and to boost our desire to emulate them in some way.

All of that has led to some fun mermaid looks, with most involving makeup colors of turquoise, darker blue, purple and green.

For some altering the face isn’t enough, as they go all out by airbrushing their bodies, or wearing some unique clothes that complement the look. In other words, it’s a lot of fun to create and participate in.

Variety of Mermaid Looks

The scaly bottom of a mermaids body has generated a lot of inspiration for many ladies, who choose to employ the use of sequins, not only in body makeup, but on their faces as well.

To achieve the scale look on the face, different textured items with the net look are used by wrapping them around the face and then applying the makeup over them. It creates a very cool look if that’s what you’re attempting to achieve.

With a few exceptions, as mentioned above, turquoise is universally used as the top color of choice with mermaid face makeup, with greens, blues and, to a lesser extent, purple hues, also being incorporated into the design.

In this article we’ll look mostly at those that went beyond only using those colors on the eyes for their makeup look. Those that were a little bolder, creating the look for special events are those that will be displayed here.

Mermaid Eye Makeup

We’ll start the mermaid makeup gallery of photos off with one highlighting some beautiful mermaid eyes.

The colors used to create this image are among the colors primarily used to in most mermaid designs. You have the turquoise, lime green and purple, combining for a truly awesome and gorgeous look.

Touching it off with a light sprinkle of glitter was a great choice to finish it off.

Blue Mermaid Face Painting

This is an unusual depiction of a mermaid using makeup or face paint because of the choice of color.

While I personally prefer the more traditional colors, this is a great design. Ad for those who like a darker blue hue, it’s a great option for those painting a mermaid mask on their faces.

I like that she decided to go with blue lipstick, as it brings the overall look altogether. That little water bubble in the middle of her lower lip was a nice touch.

Mermaid Makeup Video Tutorials

With all the design options out there for mermaid makeup, it can get a little overwhelming at times, so here are several mermaid makeup tutorials to show you how many of the looks can be created.

All of them are totally different in order to suit a variety of tastes.

Swamp Mermaid Make-up

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Halloween Mermaid Makeup Tutorial with Traci Hines


Mermaid Body Makeup

Now here’s a lady that decided to go all the way with her mermaid makeup, choosing to recreate the entire mermaid part of the creature down to her toes.

She did a great job with the textured look, and the clam top is cute. Too bad she didn’t have her mermaid face makeup on, as it surely would have looked awesome.

Little Mermaid Makeup Look

Although it’s not completely true to the way Ariel looked in “The Little Mermaid,” this makeup and costume used her as the inspiration behind it.

I used three pictures of her to show how mermaid makeup can look from different angles, and also how she decided on a mermaid costume based upon items from her existing wardrobe.

One thing that was different from Ariel was the decision to bring the mermaid part of the body onto the face, as evidenced by the scales created using sequins.

The costume or outfit created from disparate pieces of clothing works really well. It was very creative use of her wardrobe. Very cute.

Below you can see in a video how she put this all together.

The Little Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Turqoise Mermaid Scale Makeup Look

This is a very simple, but cute way to make yourself into a mermaid. You just include the mesh and apply the makeup, while adding the sequins to complete the look. It’s quick, efficient, and looks great.

I know the base has to be applied first, of course, but overall, a nice looking design that takes relatively little time to put on.

You can only see a small portion of it, but on the other side of the face there were solely sequins of completely different colors.

The hair piece and necklace finish off the cute mermaid look, blending in nicely with the makeup hues.

Mermaid Makeup

That was a lot of fun. Mermaids are extremely popular, and the brilliant and vibrant colors associated with the mythological creature make a great foundation for the creation of an awesome mermaid look.

And as you saw above, for the more ambitious types a total mermaid body look can be worked on and achieved.

Whatever your preference, there is a mermaid just waiting to get out of you to be displayed for all to see..