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Fake Halloween Injuries and Wounds

We can understand why children, adults and old alike like the Halloween event, it’s because the day is very special for being giving eerie and scary feelings. Moreover, there are special get together parties thrown by friends on a big scale, everyone comes in a unique scary makeover to dread the innocent souls of the earth.  To top it off, different types of disgusting foods are served on the table and when the table is laid on, it’s not just the dinner setting, it’s more like a horrifying eating session where everyone just tries to present they are not afraid of eating that odd meatball decorated in the middle. A few would pick on the spider made with black olives and eat it like a wild animal and many others would just keep glaring at the food as if it’s better for it to stay on the table.

Anyways, everyone has new plans for the upcoming Halloween event and I am sure that many of you want to freak out others. You really want to give them the scar in every way you possibly can.  I came across another great if not so new idea of creating fake injuries and wounds on Halloween day, whereas every second person would come out with heavy makeup, why not give a more twist to the makeover by showing fake bleeding wounds.

I am sharing with you some terrific ideas on creating fake Halloween Injuries and wounds, you can clearly notice the blood stays within the affected area and it looks real in all the artworks.

Flesh is coming out of the wound, it’s basically the pile of powder and paint stuck on the artificial wounded area.

Wrist is bleeding with a big ripping wound, seems deep, hahaha.

seems someone has scratched it badly but it’s just the artwork of smart mind.

fake wrist wound, a big slit.

wrist with wound created for Halloween day.

Blood is on all the fingers, the fingernails are badly broken and seem rotten, too

Nice Halloween artwork, the legs are covered with torn dressings yet you can see the blood everywhere going down the floor.

You need some vials of fake blood and some makeup tips in order to create fake Halloween injuries. Once your makeup is done accurately, nobody will be able to tell if you are injuries in real or not, trust me most will think that you have hurt yourself somewhere else. Your friends will be impressed to see how accurately and realistically you have worn your wounds- oh, don’t forget to sigh and scream in pain to fool everyone. It would be fun, right? Enjoy your day and make the best of it by showing your fake Halloween injuries.