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DIY How To Design Spider Loafers For Coming Halloween

With so many tutorials coming up for Halloween, we can’t help but keep you updated you on almost all of them. The latest one is on making a spider design on loafers. A lot of us come to a common conclusion that Halloween is all about the spooky factor. But coming to think of it, Halloween is getting better each year with so many cool versions. Somehow the spook factor is starting to seem like it has a connection with the style trends of all seasons.

Anyways, let us not delay in revealing what supplies you will need to make this spider designed loafers.

You will need

  • Black loafers
  • Purple and white acrylic paint
  • Glitter paint
  • Paint pen
  • Paint brushes

You can actually use these loafers on any other day and not just on Halloween. We think it looks absolutely cool.

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