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8 Halloween Lip Art Ideas You Should Try

The makeup artists know how enthusiastic all the Halloween lovers are going to be on the special day of 31st October so they have already started creating some makeup art, the most prominent of which is lip art which is very hilarious, interesting and relevant to the theme.

The basic objects related to the Halloween event are very scary, some few to name are cats, bats, pumpkins and ghosts, I should not call them objects but when they are used in the makeup they are simply become nothing more than objects.

Check out these masterpieces wonderful Halloween lip art idea that will make you happy. Mind that it does not require for you to have additional sketching skills to do the art, all you need is to do is look closely because it will work better- just check the design more attentively, it is not difficult, get the paints in your hand and start drawing the characters right away.

Horrifying Black spider on lips:

The base color is grey with a tinge of glitter in it, for the spider drawing a black liner is used. Draw thin lines first and make them dark as you go along, there should be one circle (half of which should be drawn on the upper and half on the lower lip) and one tail of the spider in v-shape. Rest is easy as long as you are good in making good lines.

Halloween Pumpkin lip art:

Pumpkin is a kind of important symbol of the horror day, you can use black and orange lipsticks with some glitter to make a pumping face on lips.

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Grave Yard with witch for Halloween lip art

One important element of the entire day is gore. The more you can add of it, the more scary your day is- when you add black it gives some kind of Gothic effect which is quite fine for the theme, the same goes for lip art.

Complicated Halloween lip art with black eyeliner:

These may make you plagued or sick in some ways, the black with red can add more to the Gothic effect.

Beautiful spider with colors:

Just in case you want to have some colors in the work, you can try this one idea.It will be fun to do.

Bats Lip art:

Making small birds far away, in different sizes would be easy if you make a mock up first. Draw with soft hands and then draw lines over line to thicken the drawing.

Black cat art for Lips on Halloween:

It has got a nice tail too, if you have more time, use yellow color to draw eyes, it will be very exciting.

Devil Dragon art:

Good for anyone wanting to show their more artistic side, this drawing isn’t simple though you can still practice it for getting grip of it. Do it on a paper and get yourself a bit used to it.

Black lip art with flower:

It’s simple but has Gothic feel due to base color.  Neon yellow has added a good amount of grace to it.