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10 Terrifyingly Beautiful Makeup Ideas for Halloween

There are only a few more weeks to go before Halloween. Have you gotten your costume yet? If not, why not create your own with matching Halloween makeup?

Below are terrifyingly boo-tiful Halloween makeup ideas that you must admit, they are pretty cool. It’s cooler than any expensive costume out there because creating your own Halloween makeup takes time, skills and patience. Be prepared to cringe in terror. Lets begin the countdown of the top 15 terrifyingly beautiful Halloween makeup costumes starting with #15.

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#10. Nightmare before Christmas


Everybody knows the creepy Christmas movie “Nightmare before Christmas”. Get creative and try out this Sally-inspired Halloween look. All you need is a blue face paint diluted in white face paint or maybe your foundation. Don’t forget to add cracks (by using pencil liner) and eyeshadow (that’s blacker than your soul) to get those dark intense eyes. Black contact lenses are essential as well.

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#9. Day of the Dead – Half Skull Makeup


It’s a great look if you don’t want to use that much face paint or don’t want to wear so much makeup and costume on Halloween. Luckily, you won’t even have to go to the nearest craft store to get face paints because to recreate this look, you can stuff from your makeup stash.

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#8. Human Bambi


Maybe you would like something cute. Also, with stuff from your makeup stash, you can definitely create this adorable deer look effortlessly – contour here, define brows there, wing the eyes here, highlight there.

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#7. Melted Face


It’s simply mind-blowing. If you have a lot of spare time on the 31st, recreate this badass look.

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#6. Seductress


You’re going to need a lot of black face paint to create this almost mask-like makeup look. Of course, you can buy a mask but where’s the fun in that? Halloween is the time to be creative. You can also try using metallic face paint and other colors to look more fun.

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#5. Broken Porcelain


Totally creepy but totally cool. When painting the cracks, don’t forget to add some on your arms and legs as well, especially when you’re going to wear a cute baby doll dress.

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#4. Feline


Silver, white and black paint and a picture of your favorite feline animal, then you get yourself this amazingly designed makeup look for Halloween.

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#3. Sexy Mermaid


It’s a really cool look that involves sequins and a lot of DIY Little Mermaid-inspired accessories. You get a ton of pearls and sequins in your local craft store and maybe you’ll find some star fish decors at homeware. Also, don’t abandon your makeup. Put on some fluttery lashes and replace your usual brown contour powder with green powder for a mermaid-like effect. Complete your makeup with an odd-colored lip color.

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#2. Kawaii


If you can still fit into your little girls’ dresses, wear it. While you’re at it, you can sport a kawaii-inspired look like this one. It’s slightly similar to a baby doll but it’s more Asian – meaning you need to look 500% more girly and we’re talking about pink eyeshadow, pink blush, strips of fake lashes, perfectly-shaped lips and don’t forget your nails.

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#1. All Evil Eyes on You


If you think having four eyes on isn’t enough, why not add a lot more eyes? It’s plain creepy and very creative. Everyone’s going to love your makeup skills.


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