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10 Impressive Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Want to transform yourself, how about following some overwhelmingly impressive makeup ideas ?With so many innovative makeup accessories available on the market, it will be so unwise of a lady not to try dark colors, unique hair dyes, and advanced eye-shadows.  Who says that makeup has to be confined to few pink, red and orange lip colors, which made the rule that light lips should be teamed with the dark eye shadows? These rules are created by human beings who learned to invent unique makeup techniques, so it won’t be mind if talented artists break these rules for innovating more rules to make ladies appear more beautiful than they are already.

If you have a talent for makeup art and ideas, you need to play with the colors yourself to discover new you. Forget that all civilians have to go for pink because it is accepted; you should give some break to yourself to get diverse using your own ideas. This is called creativity and talent. The trees are green naturally but during fall they get rusted, orange and yellow, our surroundings do have some sort of creativity as well to inspire us. The monotonous stuff never inspires human beings.

I am sharing some overwhelmingly impressive makeup ideas that will blow your mind. The black eye shadows are teamed with the black lips and the Smokey eyes will help invoke your own hidden talent. Check these makeup ideas of 2015 and discover yours by following these.

Have a look at these wonderful makeup ideas .

All the black

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The black color is not used in makeup commonly because it requires a lot of handling and blending. For eyes, the color is used on the crease only but it is hardly worn as a lip color, but this lady shows us her brave side by wearing black lips.

Very Dark Violet with Smokey eyes

When you wear dark violet as a lipstick color you have got to keep your eyes a bit light and blended with the use of silver eyeshadow on the inner corner.

Bloody Lips and Sky Lipstick

It’s an easy to do task: use your lightest lipstick and then splash some liquid red (makeup grade) product in order to get perfect, saucy and scary Halloween lips.

Crazy Maroon eye makeup

You might be thinking that it is crazy to wear maroon with the red but here is the girl doing it with confidence without any fear for looking overbold and overstated.

Glamorous black lips 

I love her eyes because it has hazel with brown, dark gray and light sky. She is wearing faux lashes here with little makeup and nice dark lips. It’s considered that dark black is an evil color but she has proven such superstitions very wrong.

Arabic Purple eye makeup

Her arabic makeup is perfect because she stretched violet shade out of the outer eye corner.

Golden liner with black makeover

This is how you can make a nice, extended flick and then use golden liner on it for a graceful makeup finish.

Purple Spider makeup for Halloween

Spider makeup with the glitter and semi dyed violet hair. She has used black liner to make the web of spider on both eyes.

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Magenta Lips with amazing eyes

She used dotting technique on the lower lid for creating this minimalistic look. Her bold lips are a good match with the neon green hair color.

Bald woman and crazy makeup

What a glamorous makeover with black as a main color in the theme.

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