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How to Throw a Walking Dead Party for Halloween

Walking Dead Party

Looking to throw a kick-butt Halloween Party this year? Why not throw a Walking Dead themed party? The popular AMC show “Walking Dead” has blood, guts, brains, and zombies to feed your party guests’ deadly hunger.

Zombies are a fun theme for any Halloween party, and especially a zombie theme centered around this favorite Television show. The show has caused an entire cult following, and now you and your friends can pretend to be the Walking Dead! Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or a Season Premiere, read on for some easy and fun tips on how to throw a Walking Dead party.

Walking Dead Decorations

You should have quite a fun and easy time putting together your Walking Dead party decorations.

Let’s start out with some blood and guts:

  • buy a pint of false blood and fill up your bathtub and sinks with blood, or simply use red food dye in water (test it first to make sure it will wash out easily)
  • get a couple of fake bloody handprints and paste them on the windows, doors, mirrors, etc.
  • write “Please Forgive Us” on the walls in creepy red felt letters or fake blood to emulate the Walking Dead scene shown to the right
  • go crazy with bloody footprints on the entranceway and blood splatters on your front door
  • place fake guts all around your house including brains, stomachs, livers, and hearts (you can get these for fairly cheap at party stores, see postings below)

Once you’ve gotten the foundations of blood and guts set, you can then focus on the details:

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  • make your own dead bodies out of old clothes, rolled up towels or pillows, and zombie masks (see videos below). Then lay them in one area of the house to emulate the scene to the right or set them up in different places that would scare your guests – at the dinner table, in the hallway, in the bathroom, etc.
  • create a cemetery scene in your front yard by simply setting up some styrofoam tombstones and stringing them in moss or cobwebs.
  • create a bloody mess of a buffet with all of your Halloween party food in the kitchen or dining room
  • Crime scene tape and warning signs all around your yard and inside of your house to mark off some bloody zombie scenes


Walking Dead Costumes

A Walking Dead party would not be complete without the Walking Dead Zombie costumes, would it? There are so many options and these costumes allow a lot of room for creativity and even laziness. You can literally take any outfit or old set of clothes and turn it into a zombie costume for your Walking Dead party. Here are just a few ideas:

  • get an old robe, slippers, and pajamas. You can get these from the thrift store or from your own closet if you have them. Rip them up and splatter fake blood all over them. You have the little girl zombie costume from Walking Dead season 2! Don’t forget the gruesome make-up.
  • have you been a cop for Halloween yet? Rip up and bloody up last year’s Halloween cop costume and turn it into a zombie costume for your Walking Dead party this year.
  • any old costumes will do. Again, just rip it up a bit, splatter some blood and bam! Instant zombie costume. Add a bloody baby doll and you create an even creepier effect.
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Still not satisfied? Check out some of the zombie costume pictures above and get inspired.

Walking Dead Food Ideas

Providing interestingly creepy yet tasty foods for your Walking Dead party guests is crucial. It might even mean life or death for them (just kidding, of course…they’re already dead!) If you can keep your menu strictly foods that look disgusting but taste wonderful, you’re in business. Here are just a few ideas to get your Walking Dead food menu planned:

  • make everything in shades of red: beet soup, medium rare steak with red sauce, wine, bloody marys, tomato salads, roasted red pepper bruschetta, shrimp cocktail, ketchup, just use red food dye if you can’t come up with something red!
  • make cookies shaped like fingers
  • make shots that have nasty-looking ingredients floating inside
  • make a JELLO mold that looks like a brain – you can get the molds on Amazon for pretty cheap
  • provide a keg and dye the beer red or simply serve cocktails filled with ice cubes that contain body parts (false fingers and such)
  • use cleverly shaped hot dogs with ketchup for ripped up fingers
  • make scrambled eggs and dye them red…they look like guts of some sort!
  • make a bleeding cake or bloody cherry pie…any red dessert can instantly turn into a zombie meal.
  • use pre-made Halloween labels to turn any soda, drink, or alcoholic bottle into something surprisingly disgusting! Find these on Etsy and at almost any party store.

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