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Halloween Game:Free Horror Movie Trivia Games

If you’re a fan of a horror movies, you won’t want to miss out on this list of free, printable horror movie trivia games. They’re great to play on your own, with friends, or even as a spooky party game.

These horror movie trivia quizzes cover the classic horror movies, the scream fests of the 1970’s and 80’s, and even the current scary movies that most people have recently seen.

If you especially love horror movies, I have a list of websites where you can watch free streaming horror movies.

There are also a lot of free classic horror movies that you can download.

  • Classic Horror Movie Trivia – This horror movie trivia game focuses on the classic horror movies such as Psycho and The Exorcist.
  • Horror Movie Trivia – This is a fill-in-the-blank horror movie quiz that has a ton of questions to truly test your knowledge.
  • Horror Movie Trivia Questions – Print this free horror movie quiz and see how much you know about your favorite scary movie.
  • Halloween Move Trivia – Eleven questions make up this Halloween movie trivia game including questions about the movies Alien,The Ring, The Shining, Jaws, Seven, and many more.
  • The Ultimate Horror Movie Quiz – This 20 question Horror movie quiz may be a little easier because it’s multiple choice.
  • Horror Movie Trivia Game – This is a huge 50 question Halloween movie trivia game that you can print out or take online.
  • Horror Movie Trivia Challenge – Here’s another Halloween movie trivia game and this one works best when taken online.
  • Horror Movie Quiz – This challenging movie quiz asks you to take everything you know about themes in scary movies. Included are detailed explanations of the answers.
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