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Top Halloween party songs: Enjoy the festival with These

Enjoy the festival of Halloween with the best Halloween party Songs Music can be considered as passion, energy, joy, creativity, love, soul and everything else that is related with life. It is a way for individuals to escape from their everyday life and also provides them relief from pain apart from reducing the stress that one feels because of the hectic schedule they have to follow. Music is available for every moment of our life. Different kinds of music are available for suiting various occasions. Melody, soulful, harmony, jingle and tune are the words that describe music the best. It has a very powerful therapeutic effect on the human psychology and is associated with specific emotions that you may feel or experience.

Celebrating Halloween party with special songs Halloween is an Eve that is celebrated each year by a number of countries in the West. It is a day of remembering the dead and is dedicated to them. During this celebration people disguise themselves with Halloween make ups and dress ups in extremely better costumes for attending parties. Decorating and carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires and telling scary stories are a part of this festival. Haunted attractions are a major area of interest of this occasion and are also used for decorating and designing entertainment venues where the party will be hosted. The music that is used in these haunted parties is excellent and is known as Halloween Party Songs. These songs and music are extremely popular among the individuals because of its tone, melody and music. These songs are upbeat and energetic with a wide range of artists singing it in their own voice. It must also be engaging that helps the people to get interested in the party and maintain their energy level. It has to be creepy as well as funny to set the mood of the blowing party and should also match with the party theme. Features of Halloween party songs Spooky sounds and music should be a part of the Halloween Party Songs. Classic horror and extremely funny or loveable effects of music are also very popular for setting the atmosphere of the party. The artists develop these songs for referring to the creepiness of the atmosphere and for developing an excellent range of wonderful songs and lyrics along with tunes that are loved by all. Although the celebration of Halloween was limited to the US in its early years but soon with the spread of modernization and globalization, it has become a part of individuals living in different corners of the world.

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Another important aspect that needs great focus is that these popular and funky songs are not only used during the celebration of this occasion but is also used by people who plan their parties based on Halloween themes. It is very interesting to see how people around the globe have started celebrating this Halloween themes and are using it with every passing day. The parties and this festival are incomplete without the use of exclusive music which is dedicated exclusively for the same. The Halloween Party Songs are spunky and are also considered as cool by the modern generation which they can sing by interpreting it and for using it to create a frightening atmosphere around them. List of Top Halloween party songs 2015: To make the Halloween party special for you we are presenting a list of top Halloween party songs 2015. Make sure to play these songs in your party:

01- AC/DC – “Highway to Hell”

02- Alan Menken – “Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)”

03- Alice Cooper – “Poison”

04- Bauhaus – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

05- Blue Öyster Cult – “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”

06- Blue Öyster Cult – “Screams”

07- Bobby ‘Boris’ Prickett – “Monster Mash”

08- Chromatics – “Back from the Grave”

09- Cold Cave – “The Great Pan Is Dead”

10- Cut Copy – “So Haunted”

11- Danzig – “Mother”

12- Die Antwoord – “I Fink U Freaky”

13- DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – “A Nightmare On My Street”

14- Donovan – “Hurdy Gurdy Man”

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15- Duran Duran – “Hungry Like The Wolf”

16- Dusty Springfield – “Spooky”

17- Echo & The Bunnymen – “The Killing Moon”

18- INXS – “Never Year Us Apart”

19- Ministry – “Every Day Is Halloween”

20- New Order – “Spooky”

21- Nine Inch Nails – “Sin”

22- Oingo Boingo – “Dead Man’s Party”

23- Outkast – “Dracula’s Wedding”

24- Rihanna – “Disturbia”

25- Roky Erickson – “I Walked With A Zombie”

26- Roy Orbison – “In Dreams”

27- Shakira – “She Wolf”

28- Siouxsie & The Banshees – “Cities In Dust”

29- Suicide – “Cheree”

30- Talking Heads – “Psycho Killer”


Halloween is being celebrated for a long time and the music associated with it is also very old but it has gained extreme popularity in recent years because of the kind of lyrics and music that are being used by the artists.Stay tuned for more Halloween Party Songs.

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