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Street Fighter Cosplay: 22 Photos Of The Sexiest Women

Street Fighter stands as one of the most recognizable fighting game series of all time, and Street Fighter cosplay fills conventions all around the world. Cosplaying as any of Street Fighter‘s female characters requires a bit of lethality and allure, and these ladies do not disappoint. Whether stepping into one of Cammy’s risque one-pieces or showing off their best high kicks as Chun Li, these women cosplaying Street Fighter characters will leave you captivated by the grace that beguiles their danger.

All of these cosplayers do a brilliant job of capturing both of those sides in these characters, and even bring out the feminine sides to some male characters. In fact, some of the sexiest women on this list are actually creative gender-bend cosplayers who have transformed some of the most iconic men in the game into drop-dead gorgeous women. It’s a fight to the top, and each of these cosplayers stands a good chance of taking home the gold.

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