Denim is the trendsetter that never leaves its place in the fashion showbiz. Denim wears are classy and yet so comfortable for everyday use. Denim wears are versatile, and you can combine them with anything white shirt, blazers and you ready to rock your day. Denim wears are popular since its beginning which was during the 18th century.


It’s been people’s favorite go-to wear for centuries, in old times blue jeans were worn by actors and actresses in a cowboy style. It has become amazingly trendy among teenagers. Denim shirts, blazers, bell-bottom jeans, torn jeans and especially known as boyfriend jeans for some girls. Now, as time and the fashion industry are growing every day, a lot of fashion statements include denim as an important piece of clothing. It’s been showcased by the big and famous models on very renowned platforms.

Denim wears has become a symbol of fashion and fashion models. Models wear casual designer denim for the events when usually a formal attire is expected. This makes the younger generation to spend less money on the accessories and save up the money for designer denim. All the publicity given by the very famous and known celebrities influences today’s generation.

Every girl’s favorite wear these days is denim as its trendy and versatile. It gives you bombshell look without feeling like you are overdoing your daily outfit. It’s available in all different shapes and colors. Denim has a variety of shades of blue, just like there are many shades of the ocean. It suits with anything, whether dressed up or down. Whether you are a working woman or a teenager, denim wears are your go-to outfit.

Especially the boyfriend jeans, it’s baggy and slouchy and gives you all the comfort. It can be borrowed from your boyfriend if you don’t have one, then you can also buy it. It may be your boyfriend’s belonging but trust me, the girl they are perfectly tailored for you. There’s a relaxed fit, loose fit, and tight fit as well. Different categories for your different moods. It’s chic than the skinny jeans, it’s the epitome of comforts and yet so classy.

Before you buy any denim wears, you should know everything about it. You must know what they are, how to style them, what should you wear with your denim jeans, about the color shades, your right fit and how to take care of them so they last long. Some do’s and don’ts for your denim wear. 



Before buying any fabric, you must research about it that if it’s right for you or not. Denim is a clothing fabric that is made up of different types of cotton will in which the weft ( plain white threads) passes under two or more than two warp threads which are dyed in blue or indigo color and many different color shades.


This the reason why denim is white and blue usually. It was introduced in the 18th century and since it has become a versatile clothing fabric. In the early ’50s, the actors started wearing it, and it became a trendsetter. Teenagers loved wearing blue jeans which would go with anything. Celebrities wear it on the events and on their daily routine, which influences people to buy it more and more.



Denim has a variety of color shades, with the wash of denim it gives different shades and its available in all the shades so go to your nearest outlet and buy a new pair.

    • Raw denim
    • Acid Wash
    • Rinse wash
    • Mid wash
    • Light wash
    • Bleach wash
    • Black or gray
    • Tinting all over
    • Coated denim
    • Vintage wash


There is always a perfect fit for everyone you just have to be patient enough to find it and get it. There is a pair for every different body shape and different moods. Skinny and baggy denim jeans is a big no for shorter people as it will make them look shorter. Straight cut jeans would be perfect for short people, plus its cheaper. For tall people, skinny jeans are good and baggier for brave days. For medium people, a slim fit is the best option. Find your right fit at the store because taking them to the tailor is too much chaos.



Once you learn how to style your boyfriend jeans and what to wear with them, then you are ready to rock any place. Here are some styling ways.

    • Wear a pair of denim jeans with a basic white t-shirt
    • Wear sharp accessories with them
    • Throw your favorite belt on them
    • A cropped cute little jacket with the inner shirt and jeans
    • Neon heels would look amazing with them
    • Wear them under a long classy coat
    • Wear them with the decent yet fashionable blazers.
    • Go for darker wash and light shade t-shirts
    • Layer them with the skinny jeans
    • Keep taking risks and styling


Every year, the old denim trends keep coming back and making a huge way into the fashion industry. New trends also come and make their place in the hearts of people. The trending this year are as follows:

    • Side slit paired up with a pair of sneakers.
    • High waist side slit blare jeans
    • Cuffed jeans bring your attention here
    • Black/ Gray wash jeans are back this year.
    • Paper-bag waist jeans with white t-shirts
    • Utility pockets trend


If you want your pair of jeans to last long as you have brought yourself expensive designer denim, then you should take care of them in the right way. Taking care of them would keep then fresh as new. The key is don’t wash them often, wash them rarely means biannually. Wah them with hands and don’t use the dryer as it will only shrink and damage your jeans. Wash them gently with a nice detergent and soak them in water for 15 to 30 minutes maximum. After that, rinse properly and hang them in sunlight to let it dry.



If you are confused about what denim wear is appropriate for weekdays office work and what denim is for weekend plans, then there is no hard and fast rule but here is a little tip for you to clear things up. Wear darker shades and cleaner denim jeans in the office environment as they are dressier and classy. Vintage jeans are for casual looking days. You can wear denim on any day or at any event but make sure to style it with new accessories and shirts.



When you are planning to go full denim on denim, then there are some dos and don’t for you. Do play with colors by pairing different shades of denim together. Dark denim jeans and light denim jacket with it is your go-to outfit at any place. Ripped denim jeans would go with denim shirts so don’t hesitate to rip them away. Say a big no to denim accessories like denim hats, shoes or bags. Do not wear jeans and a shirt or jacket of the same denim shade. Don’t go on the internet looking for old denim trends, search for the latest trends of the year and style away.


This article gives you all the information about your favorite denim wears. Always research on everything that you want to buy. As fashion keeps changing every day and keeps bringing new trends every day, then you should be aware of the latest news before it gets too old and you miss the chance of buying new stuff and wearing them to flaunt it in front of your friends and colleagues. By all these things about denim wears, we hope you shop the best denim pair.


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