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How to love a commitment-phobe?

By Johanna Sparrow

You’ve found the person of your dreams, but something is wrong. Your relationship is stuck, it’s not going to the next level, commitment. What is going on? Your partner is holding back their feelings if not sending mixed messages in your relationship.  Are they afraid of commitment? You are not ready to give up on the relationship and they know it.  The more you push for answers; you see them pushing you away and it hurts.  A commitment-phobe seeks to learn everything about you in order to win your heart.  If you aren’t ready to give up on them learn how to allow them to come to you for starters.

You should know that someone with commitment issues has a difficult time trusting and giving you their heart for fear of getting hurt.  Understanding them can be confusing.  For one, you must change the way you think when you’re dealing with a commitment-phobe in a relationship because unlike someone who’s looking for longevity in a relationship, the person you love is afraid of commitment.  They’ll use control and deception as manipulative tools to maintain distance in the relationship. One moment, they’re cold; the next, it’s as if someone turned on the heater of love, and you’ve forgotten that you’re dealing with, a commitment-phobe. Everything you do indicates your love for them and that you are committed, but for the commitment-phobe, that’s a problem.

You understand them and love their unpredictable ways.  If you want the relationship to work, you’ll have to meet them halfway.  If you press them to show more love, they’ll keep their distance.  You must learn to back off and stop worrying.  The less you stress over the relationship, the more they’ll stress over you and that’s the first step to handling your commitment phobic partner.  When you are comfortable in the relationship they are not.  If they feel you aren’t happy, they will go out of their way to win your heart.  Know that there are many other steps that’ll need to be taken, but the first step will set the tone and let your partner know who’s in charge!  If you are interested in learning all the steps in loving a commitment-phobe pick up the book Sabotage; Recognize Commitment Phobia and Experience a Healthy Relationship today.

About the author

Antoinette M. Watkins writes under the pen name Johanna Sparrow. She’s been writing for over 22 years and has published a variety of works that include children’s books, novellas, and self-help books on the topics of relationships, personal growth, and conflict resolution.

She has released titles such as Sabotage; Recognize Commitment Phobia and Experience a Healthy Relationship and Dismissive Avoidant in Love: How Understanding the Four Main Styles of Attachment Can Impact Your Relationship.

The author’s books are available in eBook and paperback and can be purchased on AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords, iTunes and everywhere books are sold.

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