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Look Chic and Stylish without Spending All of Your Money

Whenever you leave the house, you want to look like you stepped right off a fashion runway. The only problem with this fantasy is the high-price tag that comes with those outfits. Is it possible to look chic without racking up thousands in debt? Read these tips on how you can look stylish without spending everything in your account.

1. Make a Shopping Budget

The first thing that you need to do is look over your monthly budget and see how much you can reasonably set aside for spending on items like clothing, accessories and makeup products. The amount can’t interfere with your monthly essentials like rent or your important financial goals, like paying off debt. This small shopping budget is supposed to be a boundary that will keep you from going on out-of-control sprees any time the urge to explore an online store hits you.

Without setting a boundary, you could accidentally delve into a risky financial situation. You could max out your credit cards on a summer shoe sale or blow your budget on a designer purse, and then get hit with an unexpected emergency expense like a flat tire. If you can’t return the items, you’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

For that difficult case, you might need to apply for a loan to cover your small unexpected emergency expense. You’ll see if you qualify quickly, so you can cover the costs and move on from the mistake. Click here if you’re wondering what do I need to apply for a loan and whether an installment loan or payday loan is the right choice.

To avoid the problem completely, set aside your fashion budget and don’t cross that limit.

2. Do a Swap

You can find great deals at clearance sales and thrift stores, but there’s no better deal than spending nothing at all. You could host a clothing swap with all of your friends and add some amazing pieces to your closet without having to spend a dime. Everyone needs to bring a handful of items that they don’t want anymore. If anything is leftover, you can sell or donate it.

And don’t be worried about getting an item that’s a little too big for you. The next tip proves that size doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

3. Tailoring Is Your Friend

One of the easiest ways to make your clothes look expensive is to get them perfectly tailored to the shape of your body. Those too-long work pants? Have them hemmed so that they’re ankle length. That blazer that’s a little too baggy? Have it taken in. A dress that’s too snug? Have it taken it out. All of your clothes will look like they were custom-made for you.

4. Rent High-End Items

Buying expensive designer items will send you directly into debt. A simple clutch from a brand like Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci could rack up over a thousand dollars on your credit card. Larger items will do more damage.

So, what can you do if want to wear something high-end? Don’t buy it. Rent it. You can rent designer clothing so that you can wear items from icons like Christian Siriano, Stella McCartney and Zac Posen. You could wear fantastic outfits while paying only a tiny fraction of the retail price. It’s a perfect compromise for special occasions when you really want to impress.

One of the most important things that you should remember is that you can buy fashion, but you can’t buy style. You don’t need to go into debt to look impeccable.

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