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Why lipstick is the second best friend of women?

Those who claim that diamond and gold is what can make a lady feel satisfied may be right. But now a days, lipsticks can be considered to be the second best friend of women due to increased liking for its usage and love for buying variety of lipsticks daily.

Lipstick is all we need to get a wonderful look for going out in parties, office, hangouts and even when we go out for official meetings. It is one of the most unexceptional items in cosmetic products. And surely it is going to remain the most essential and remarkable items in your makeup kit. This phenomenal accessory assists you in acquiring the amazing looks and to improve your appearance along with the aesthetics that you have been wearing. Therefore, in order to maintain your health and cheerfulness, lipstick is considered to be very beneficial.

Let us look at some advantages of using a lipstick which are mentioned below:

  1. Lipstick is a protection giver and a healer

Cold and wind can make your lips dry and surely, wearing a lipstick can provide you a protection against such harsh elements by acting as a shield on your lips. If your lips are cracking due to dryness, then the use of appropriate lipstick which provides nourishing effects can help your lips to heal. A lipstick can act as a moisturizer if you choose your product wisely i.e. your lipstick should contain natural oils and emollients so as to make your lips softer, provide a smooth touch on your lips and give supple to your lips.

  1. Lipstick provides SPF Protection

The skin of your lips is very unique and varies in its properties as compared to the rest of your body tissues as it is more sensitive as well as does not contain melanin pigment that helps in providing protection against harmful UV rays of sun. So, your lips may get damaged due to exposure to the sun. Lipsticks contain an essential component which acts as a barrier for preventing exposure to SPF12 or higher present in sun’s rays.

  1. Lipstick make you look more beautiful

Lipstick surely enhances your appearance irrespective of what color you prefer to wear. Some women likes to wear sharp and bold colors while some likes to wear more natural looking and subdued shades that may give them a translucent looks. Hence, wearing lipstick makes you look fuller and helps you in grabbing attention as your lips are the first tissue that catches eyes of other people. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearby cosmetic shop and buy yourself a ravishing matte lipstick to get more vibrant looks.

  1. Lipstick provides psychological benefits

It has been researched that those females who wear lipsticks, one of the most influencing fashion tools, helps in boosting confidence levels and make them feel more powerful. Other people perceive them as someone who can take control over the situations. It helps in uplifting your courage and spirits while talking to others and handling difficult situations. Even when females face a cash crunch, they still keep on spending money to buy lipsticks as it makes them feel that at least there is something which can be enjoyed even in harsh times. It helps in rising their confidence levels and deal with the hurdles in life. Lipstick can be a source of empowerment for women and symbolizes femininity. There is a spark of positive energy in those who wear lipstick. You can use red color lipstick to get bold and sharp looks.

  1. Lipstick enhances your eyes

Your eyes speak it all. Eyes are one of the most beautiful and essential part of your face and surely, it is the best feature of yourself. If you want your eyes to pop up, then surely lipstick can assist in making your eyes stand out. It helps in making your eyes look bigger in appearance by enhancing the color of your eyes. Also, which color do you choose also creates an impact and is important per se. So, be sure about what shade do you use for making your eyes look more bold and beautiful.

Well, surely, the health benefits and psychological benefits of using a lipstick makes it more appropriate to be titled as the second best friend of women.

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