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Lens Care and Storage

Note: You will need some contact lens solution to clean and store your contact lenses. Many types of solution will come with a lens case. Solution is available in almost every local pharmacy.

Before Inserting Contact Lenses

  • 1. Make sure you apply make up after you have inserted your lens in to your eye, this is to prevent irritation.
  • 2. Once you have taken your lens out of its storage case, make sure you rinse it with contact lens solution before you insert it in to your eye. Simply place your lens on the palm of your hand and pour several drops of solution to remove all traces of debris.
  • 3. Do not use water or saliva to wash your lens, this can cause infections.
  • 4. If your lens curls up in your hand do not try to open it with your finger as this will split the lens, pouring drops of solution over the curled lens will open it.
  • 5. Make sure your lens is the right way round by ensuring the edges of the lens bend inwards. Lift the lens directly in front of your eye to check.

When Inserting Your Contact Lenses

  • 1. Hold your lens with the tip of your finger, tilt your head gently backwards and look straight ahead or upwards (Standing in front a mirror helps to guide your finger) .Use your other hand to hold your upper eye lid, this is to ensure you do not blink. Place the lens on the lower part of your eye. When you let go of your eye lid the lens should move in to the centre of your eye by its self.
  • 2. Do not move the lens to the centre of your eye and avoid rubbing, if your eye becomes watery try not to touch your lens, let the water from your eyes fall out completely before cleaning the surrounding eye.
  • 3. Repeat these steps for your other eye.
  • 4. To check if the lens has gone in correctly test your vision to ensure it is clear.
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When Removing Your Contact Lenses

  • 1. Make sure all make up is removed before taking out your lenses.
  • 2. Make sure you keep both lenses separate do not mix them.
  • 3. Look towards the ceiling and pull down your lower eye lid downwards using your middle finger, then use your forefinger and thumb to gently squeeze the lens, this will remove it from your eye. Make sure you put your lens immediately in to its case before taking out the other one.
  • 4. Do this again for your other eye. Seek medical advice if your eye becomes red and very painless after wearing contact lenses.


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